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Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) has lived most her life, with just her father Erik (Eric Bana) for company, in the remote far north of Scandinavia.

Their hermit-like, self-sufficient existence is the result of a dark happening in Erik's former life as a CIA operative. If the Agency ever find him he will be killed - and so will his daughter.

But now, aged 16, Hanna yearns for engagement with the world from which her father has determinedly kept her secluded. And, much to her surprise, and despite the immediate and extreme danger to which that will expose her, he accedes to her wish.

However, it's not as though Hanna's not prepared: for as long as she can remember (and probably even before then), Erik has efficiently and expertly tutored his daughter in the craft of lethal self-defence and assassination.

But will that be enough to save her from Marissa Wiegler (Cate Blanchett), the ruthless CIA agent tasked with crossing them off her hit list?

With Tom Hollander, Olivia Williams and Jason Flemyng.

(2011) Cert: 12