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Green Zone

Thriller starring Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear and Jason Isaacs. Director Paul Greengrass (United 93, The Bourne Ultimatum) fuses his attraction to real-life events with his mastery of full-pelt action to offer this commentary on the Iraq War.

US Army officer Roy Miller (Damon) is thrown into the chaotic vacuum created by Saddam Hussein's removal and the Allies' handling of the immediate aftermath.

His mission: to track down those elusive weapons of mass destruction. But, sent on one deadly wild goose chase after another, Miller begins to question the quality of the intelligence directing the operation.

Frustrated, he begins to ask awkward questions and is soon being bounced between Poundstone (Kinnear), the Pentagon intelligence officer who insists the WMDs are there to be found, and the CIA's Martin Brown (Brendan Gleeson), whose knowledge of the country leads him to a very different conclusion, and Special Forces man Briggs (Isaacs), who appears determined to undermine Miller's efforts.

As he digs deeper, Miller begins to piece together the complex relationships and competing ideologies of those around him, as well as the possibility that he has also stumbled upon a political conspiracy...

Also starring Amy Ryan as a journalist with shadowy connections and Khalid Abdalla as a local man who offers Miller invaluable, if blunt, insights.

In English, with some Arabic with English subtitles.

(2010) Cert: 15

Green Zone synopsis

A US army officer (Matt Damon) questions his official mission when his unit cannot find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

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