This immersive 360° interactive tour follows Grayson Perry around his latest creation: 'A House for Essex' in north east Essex. It’s the ultimate private view: you are literally there with Grayson, following him around his newly-completed masterpiece.

You can use latest versions of your mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers to look around in any direction during the video. The app uses your smartphone's accelerometer, and enables you to change the direction in which you're viewing the video by tilting the phone up, down, left or right.

'A House for Essex'

The tech stuff...

The video was made using a single 360º camera to record in all directions and create a flat panoramic video. The flattened video is then projected on to the inside of a digital sphere and the user controls the camera at the centre of the sphere. If you come across a black circle while watching, that's just the base of the camera rig.

The video has been shot using a 360 Hero’s rig and 7 x GoPro Hero 4 cameras. The developers built the final piece into an HTML5 player which allows viewers to control the camera across web, mobile and tablets. For the best experience, Grayson Perry's 360º video will work for all the latest devices and operating systems, on desktop, tablet or mobile.

If you don’t have the latest versions, don’t worry you can still view the experience in panoramic >