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  1. Monmouthshire suppliers

    Monmouthshire suppliers

    Tamayo and Nigel transformed their forester's lodge into a Japanese haven, with a lot of help from these key suppliers...

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  2. South Lanarkshire suppliers

    South Lanarkshire suppliers

    Colin and Marta constructed and decorated their house using the following products and services...

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  3. Tiverton suppliers

    Tiverton suppliers

    If you took a shine to something you saw in the episode, find the 'who, what and where?' of Jon and Becky's build here

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  4. York suppliers

    York suppliers

    This is the place to find out who did what and what came from where on Martin and Kae's spectacular build

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  5. North London suppliers

    North London suppliers

    If you'd like to recreate part of Jonathan and Deborah's build for yourself, here are the key suppliers they used...

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  6. South Yorkshire suppliers

    South Yorkshire suppliers

    If you liked what you saw in the show, here are the suppliers Gwyn and Kate used

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