Cob house

King of cob Kevin McCabe realised his dream of building the largest cob house ever, with help from these suppliers...


Kevin employed local architect Barry Jobson of Bedford and Jobson for the project.

Block work

The thermolite blocks for the cob foundations were supplied by Jewsons.


Richard Green Ecology was the ecologist on this project.


The large circular skylight in the centre of the main house was supplied by Vision Rooflights.

The other roof lights in the main building and annex were supplied by Velux.

The roof glazing for the link between the main house and the annex was supplied by Premier DGU.

The rest of the windows for the building were supplied by Rationel.

Glulam beams

The glulam beams for the ground floor of the building were supplied by GLULAM – Glued Laminated Timber Association.

The glulam beams for the 1st floor and roof structures were supplied by Lamisell Ltd.


The Lindab guttering for the building was supplied by Bradfords Building Supplies.

Mechanical ventilation & heat recovery

The Polypipe Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery system was supplied by Keyline

Polystyrene insulation

The polystyrene insulation for the building was supplied by Jablite.

Slate roof

The reclaimed slates for the barn roof and the back of the glass link on the main building were supplied by M.C Slates.


The specialist steel fabrication for the curved lintels in the annex basement and the central roof bracket was provided by Andy Hall of Ash Ironworks.

Structural engineer

The consulting structural engineer on this project was Barry Honeysett of Barry Honeysett Consulting Structural and Civil Engineers.

01392 272510

Solar panels

The Photovoltaic Panels on the roof of the barn were supplied by Southwest Solar.


The timber for the barn roof, main house and annex floors and roof structures was supplied by Duchy Timber.

Thermal modelling

The 3D model that was created to work out the thermal performances of the building was completed by Gale & Snowden.

Under-floor heating

The under-floor heating was supplied by Nu-heat.

Wild flower meadow roof

The seeds for the wild flower meadow on the roof were supplied by Emorsgate Seeds.

The compost for the green roof was supplied by EcoSci.