Find out more about the suppliers featured in Andy and Nicki's experimental floating house.

The architect was BACA

The contractors were Creative Interior Contracts LTD

The groundworks contractors were Greenford

The demolition works were provided by Gareth Nugent

The dragon wind sculpture, ‘Migration’ dragon, was designed by Ian Gill Sculpture

The flooring was from V4 Woodflooring

The globe swing chair was supplied by Amber Garden

The grass was supplied by Sow Green

The heating was from IAC and Daikin

The kitchen was from Hutton Kitchens

The lighting was provided by Anastasia lighting

The Project Management Team was NRJ Project Management

The sanitary waste supplies were from Faucets

The glass and glazing was provided by Bournemouth Glass & Glazing

Details correct at time of original broadcast, October 2014