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  1. Buckinghamshire suppliers

    Buckinghamshire suppliers

    Find out more about the suppliers featured in Andy and Nicki's experimental floating house.

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  2. Norwich suppliers

    Norwich suppliers

    Natasha's Norwich home was an ambitious periscope shaped building. Find out more about the suppliers involved.

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  3. South London 'Urban Shed' Suppliers

    South London 'Urban Shed' Suppliers

    Details of the items and suppliers featured in Tracy and Steve's 'urban shed'

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  4. County Derry suppliers

    County Derry suppliers

    Find out more about the suppliers featured in Patrick's ambitious home

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  5. Milton Keynes suppliers

    Milton Keynes suppliers

    Find out more about the suppliers that featured in Peter and Chard's modern-day roundhouse

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  6. North Cornwall suppliers

    North Cornwall suppliers

    Find out about the suppliers Rebecca and Gregory used for their ambitious minimal build

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  7. North Wales suppliers

    North Wales suppliers

    Find out more about the products and suppliers who helped Rob and Kay realise their dream home

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  8. Newbury suppliers

    Newbury suppliers

    Michael and Phil used the following suppliers to create their rural idyll

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  9. East Devon suppliers

    East Devon suppliers

    King of cob Kevin McCabe realised his dream of building the largest cob house ever, with help from these suppliers...

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  10. South London suppliers

    South London suppliers

    Ben and Rachel created their modernist masterpiece with the products and services below...

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