Grand Designs Australia

    • Series 4 Episode 1

      City slickers Glen and Kate were delighted when they found 19 windswept acres near the seaside town of Inverloch on Victoria's south coast, where they intend to opt out for a simpler lifestyle

    • Series 4 Episode 2

      Greg has spent his adult life building houses for other people. Now, after dreaming about it for over 20 years, he's building one for himself out of the material he's most passionate about - bricks.

    • Series 4 Episode 3

      A couple who own 14 hotels build a huge house featuring a swimming pool, home theatre and decadent elliptical bathroom on a prime location high up in the Adelaide Hills

    • Series 4 Episode 4

      A couple from Hornsby Heights near Sydney build a hand-crafted, Adobe-style home in a one-of-a-kind construction process using thick, natural clay-rendered walls

    • Series 4 Episode 5

      Darren and Ruth have almost opposite views about what their new house should be. Darren wants all the bells and whistles, including a home cinema and wine cellar.

    • Series 4 Episode 6

      A couple build a uniquely sustainable house on a narrow plot of land in Sydney's inner-west Forest Lodge, featuring solar tubes and a super-insulating rooftop garden

    • Series 4 Episode 7

      Meredith and Matt needed an escape from their busy lives as doctors in Sydney, so they purchased a working sheep property in New South Wales. But will their farmhouse ever materialise?

    • Series 4 Episode 8

      Daniela and Niran and son Calum are doing something no-one in their historic street in the prestigious Sydney suburb of Hunters Hill has done before: knocking down their house to build a smaller one!

    • Series 4 Episode 9

      King Island is about as far from the tropics as you can get in Australia. Yet artists Di and Andrew have decided to build a house there after many years of living in the other end of the country.

    • Series 4 Episode 10

      Self-confessed hippies Cole and Jane have bought a thin sliver of land on a steep site that only a landscaper could love in the hilly suburb of Dynnyrne in Hobart