Series 1 Episode 4
First Broadcast: 9PM Tue 17 July 2012

Gordon persuades Caffe Nero to stock the Bad Boys Bakery's lemon curd treacle slice for a 'make or break' showcase week and asks Justice Secretary Ken Clarke for vital financial backing.

Gordon's served almost six months in Brixton Prison, but it will mean nothing if he doesn't leave a viable business behind to keep prisoners working and earning.

A combination of a branding guru and the prisoners themselves package the lemon curd treacle slice slice for the socially conscious consumer.

Gordon says goodbye to Anthony Kelly, one of his most trusted workers, who's released.

Another, ex-drug addict Paul Wyatt, is given a chance to work in one of Gordon's own restaurants, the Savoy.

And Gordon gets the political powers that be down to the Bad Boys Bakery for a spot of lunch.

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Gordon sets up a business behind bars, attempting to get prisoners working and paying something back into the system. But training up a group of prisoners won't be easy...