Gok's Fashion Fix

    • Series 3 Episode 1

      Gok Wan is in West Bromwich, where 35-year-old NHS accountant Mandy Dosanjh is transformed from a tomboy into a style queen.

    • Series 3 Episode 2

      Gok Wan is in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, to show women how to shop for their shape. He and Brix Smith-Start unveil four looks for the summer, and some lads from Leeds test new swimwear.

    • Series 3 Episode 3

      In Wrexham Gok meets 37-year-old Melanie Williams, who's been hiding in an unfeminine and boring wardrobe of green, green and more green. And the Supermarket Boys go commando.

    • Series 3 Episode 4

      Gok Wan advises 59-year-old grandmother Maureen Gaynor from Great Yarmouth, who is hoarding an astonishing 800 items in her wardrobe but hides her slight frame in boring tops and jeans.

    • Series 3 Episode 5

      Gok meets a team of nurses from Peterborough who road test six party dresses, and visits Kettering, where he hopes to teach the town to shop less and wear more.

    • Series 3 Episode 6

      Gok goes to Matlock in Derbyshire, where he meets 26-year-old CJ Rees, who's got a curvy body, but dresses like a teenage boy. And the nurses search the high street for the perfect top.

    • Series 3 Episode 7

      Gok Wan pays a surprise return visit to 43-year-old biker and Mayor of Seaford Tracy Willis, and helps Tracy pick the perfect outfit for her visit to the Queen's summer garden party.