Gok's Clothes RoadShow

    • Episode 1 - Liverpool

      Gok has a budget of £50 to create an entire outfit. Three 'boot camp' beauties get the star treatment. Gok transforms the ladies in his Gok Shop in preparation for their debut on the catwalk.

    • Episode 2 - Bristol

      Gok takes the Roadshow to Bristol where he comes to the rescue of three singletons who spend their lives sorting out the rubbish, rather than their wardrobes

    • Episode 3 - Birmingham

      Gok Wan takes the Roadshow to Birmingham to stage a Supermarket Chic vs High Street catwalk contest and give a wardrobe makeover to three amateur dramatics fans

    • Episode 4 - Southampton

      Gok Wan takes the Roadshow to Southampton, where he invites three local nurses into his personal shopping space to show them how to get amazing looks for less

    • Episode 5 - Manchester

      The final stop in the RoadsShow tour is Manchester, where Gok styles up to four different looks at two different prices. And the show hits Blackpool pleasure beach to find the best lace dresses.