Gok's Clothes RoadShow

    • Episode 1 - Liverpool

      Gok helps four social workers who are too busy looking after others to spend time on themselves. But they don't know they'll be unveiling their glamorous new style in front of thousands.

    • Episode 2 - Harrogate

      Gok gives four female posties a makeover. Working long shifts in a unisex uniform has dampened Rachel, Wendy, Melanie and Jennie's confidence when it comes to looking feminine.

    • Episode 3 - Leeds

      Gok's Clothes Roadshow arrives in Leeds where the great man sets about rescuing three detectives who are guilty of committing crimes against fashion

    • Episode 4 - Nottingham

      Gok helps three racecourse workers in Nottingham rediscover their feminine figures. Helen, 38, Vicky, 34 and Sarah, 24, are too busy looking after horses and family to find time for themselves.

    • Episode 5 - Birmingham

      In Birmingham, Gok meets three working mums juggling family life and careers. And Brix Smith-Start head to Dents in Wiltshire in search of a pair of hand crafted gloves.

    • Episode 6 - Bristol

      In Bristol, avid cyclers Becky, Tors and Sarah have ditched fashion in favour of helmets and high-vis jackets. Can Gok turn these tomboy bikers into glamorous girls about town?

    • Episode 7 - Cardiff

      As Gok's Clothes RoadShow nears the end of its nationwide tour, Gok heads to Wales to get the women of Cardiff looking great, no matter what the size of their waists or wallets.

    • Episode 8 - London

      The RoadShow lands in London for a catwalk finale to remember as Gok helps working mums Lisa, Karen and Jenny get a makeover, and Brix Smith-Start meets top designer Matthew Williamson.

    • Episode 9 - West Bromwich - Revisit

      Gok Wan makes a return visit to West Bromwich to see if the town has taken his tips on board

    • Episode 10 - Wrexham - Revisit

      Gok Wan returns to Wrexham one year on. He catches up with 37-year-old teacher Melanie Williams, the recipient of his special makeover, whose weary wardrobe featured every shade of green.