Gok Cooks Chinese

  • Episode 1

    Gok demonstrates the basics of Chinese cooking, from the 'holy trinity' of ingredients - garlic, ginger and spring onion - to the 'love box' of condiments, and cooks the perfect egg-fried rice

  • Episode 2

    Gok Wan and his dad cook up delicious Chinese food, including show-stopping dragon scallops in burning oil sauce, and a tofu dish that Gok declares is better than sex - or even shoes!

  • Episode 3

    Gok takes on some traditional Chinese dishes and methods, including steamed lemon sole, Poppa Wan's easy Peking duck with pancakes and all the trimmings, stewed aromatic aubergine and fool-proof rice

  • Episode 4

    Gok demystifies dim sum, cooking up a tasty feast of minced chicken, ginger and finely chopped leek in wonton wrappers, salt pork ribs and black beans, and squid with cucumber salad.

  • Episode 5

    Gok shows off delicious dishes usually served as street food in China, including lamb and cucumber kebabs, and he meets dumpling demon Auntie Li, who is bringing Beijing style to Brixton

  • Episode 6

    In the last episode of the series, Gok makes a Chinese celebratory feast, including sea bass, twice-cooked melting pork, and fragrant Chinese chicken wrapped in lettuce leaves