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Musical comedy series following an optimistic teacher attempting to inspire a diverse group of teenagers to realise their potential and restore the school's show choir to its former glory

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Musical comedy series following an optimistic teacher attempting to inspire a diverse group of teenagers to realise their potential and restore the school's show choir to its former glory

Series 1 Summary

Musical comedy series written by Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy. Glee follows optimistic teacher Will Schuester as he attempts to inspire a group of oddball teenagers to realise their true star potential and restore the school's show choir to its former glory.

But not only does he have the school's scheming cheerleading coach to contend with, but the brightest stars of the pitch-imperfect club include: Kurt, a nerdy soprano; Mercedes, a diva-in-training; Arty, a geeky guitarist who attracts more bullies than girls and Tina, who needs to suppress her stutter before she takes centre stage. Will's only hope lies with the two true talents: Rachel, a perfectionist wannabe and a very reluctant Finn Hudson, the popular high school quarterback with movie star looks who wants to protect his reputation.

  • Glee

    Episode 1 - Pilot

    High school teacher Will Schuester is desperate to make his school's Glee Club a success. Will arranges auditions to find some new singers but attracts the school's oddballs. His only hope lies with the two true talents: Rachel, a perfectionist wannabe who is convinced that the club is her ticket to fame and a very reluctant Finn Hudson, a sporty and popular pupil who just wants to protect his reputation.

  • Rachel in Glee

    Episode 2 - Showmance

    Will gets the Glee Club to perform in school assembly to try to recruit more members. The pupils are more worried about the embarrassing song he's chosen for them to sing than performing in front of their peers.

  • Sue in Glee

    Episode 3 - Acafellas

    Will neglects the glee club and focuses his attentions on forming the Acafellas; an all-male vocal group. The group work on the song 'I Want to Sex You Up' which they perform in front of Josh Groban (playing himself). In Will's absence, the glee club hire a choreographer to help them get to the nationals. Kurt admits to Mercedes that he is gay.

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    Episode 4 - Preggers

    Kurt has a trial for the football team in a bid to impress his macho dad; Terri confesses to her sister that she lied about her pregnancy; Rachel is gutted that Will has given Tina a solo to perform; Quinn confuses Finn when she tells him that she's pregnant and the baby is his and Sandy and Sue try to destroy the Glee Club by poaching Rachel for a school production.

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    Episode 5 - The Rhodes not Taken

    Will brings invites his talented friend April to help gee up the glee club. It takes a while for the teens to warm to April but the gradually begin to like her.Meanwhile, Rachel is peeved when she's not treated like a star at musical rehearsals.

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    Episode 6 - Vitamin D

    Will is concerned that the Glee Club has become slack in their approach to singing, so he divides them into two teams - girls and boys - to fire them up. Sue tells Terri that Emma is after Will. Terri takes on the role of school nurse - despite having no experience - so she can keep an eye on Will. She gives Finn some pills to boost his energy levels, which gives the boys an unfair advantage over the girls. Quinn agrees to give Terri her baby.

  • Quinn in Glee

    Episode 7 - Throwdown

    Sue is named co-director of the glee club and sets to turn all members against Will. Back home, Will confronts Terri about their baby and demands to come with her to the next doctors appointment. Rachel helps Quinn and Finn when news of their baby threatens to escape around school.

  • glee group shot

    Episode 8 - Mash Up

    News of Quinn and Finn's baby spreads around school and the pair are cast out from their peers; Ken grows jealous of the time Emma is spending with Will; Rachel and Puck kiss and Quinn is dropped from the Cheerios.

  • Will in Glee

    Episode 9 - Wheels

    The glee club hold a bake sale so that they can raise money to buy a bus that wheelchair-user Artie can travel in. Meanwhile, Quinn finds it hard to cover the high cost of pregnancy but is offered a helping hand from Puck. Kurt and Rachel compete to sing the solo.

  • Sue

    Episode 10 - Ballads

    Rachel has a crush on Will. Will tries to turn her down gently. Unfortunately Emma, who has been helping him discourage Rachel, also develops a crush on him. Elsewhere, Finn tells his mum about the baby. Later he sings to Quinn's parents and reveals that their daughter is expecting a child. Quinn's father can't forgive her so Quinn moves in with Finn.

  • Rachel in Glee

    Episode 11 - Hairography

    Sue remains hell-bent on destroying Will's glee club and gives the New Directions' set list to their rival glee clubs; Jane Addams Academy for Girls a group of recently reformed juvenile offenders (with singer Eve making a cameo as its director) and Haverbrook Deaf Choir. Elsewhere, Quinn decides against adoption and Rachel fails to capture Finn's interest.

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    Episode 12 - Once Upon a Mattress

    Everyone but Rachel is relieved when the glee club is left out of the school yearbook but Will is determined to get the club's picture included. Emma and Ken's wedding falls on the same day as sectionals much to Will's annoyance. Later, Will finds out about Terri's fake pregnancy.

  • Glee club singing

    Episode 13 - Sectionals

    Rachel tries to manipulate Quinn into telling Finn that he's not the father of her child but the glee club try to prevent her. Mercedes protests when Rachel begs to do the next ballad and gives the performamce of her life to prove that she should do it. Later, Rachel tells Finn the truth about Quinn's baby and he leaves glee club; Emma is dumped on her wedding day and the glee club discover that the other teams have stolen their set lists for sectionals.

  • Rachel on stage in Glee

    Episode 14 - Hell-o

    The New Directions are determined to build on their success from sectionals but Sue still wants to thwart them. Meanwhile, love is in the air but will Rachel and Finn and Will and Emma get together?

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    Episode 15 - The Power of Madonna

    Will is worried that the girls in the Glee club are being bossed around by the boys. He tries to inspire them by using pop singer Madonna as a role model of female empowerment.

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    Episode 16 - Home

    Will's friend April returns to help the glee club but brings lots of emotional baggage with her. Can she put asside her problems and help the club? Meanwhile, Kurt meddles with his Dad's love life and Sue is interviewed for a top cheerleading magazine.

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    Episode 17 - Bad Reputation

    An incriminating document about members of the glee club is sent around McKinley High School. Will is determined to find the perpetrator. But will the gossip ruin the glee club's reputation?

    A video of Sue impersonating Olivia Newton-John in her Physical music video is circulated on the internet and catches the eye of Olivia Newton-John (playing herself). Meanwhile, will Puck and Rachel are given a duet but will they get back together?

  • Cheerleaders square up to each other in Glee

    Episode 18 - Laryngitis

    Rachel is distraught when a sore throat affects her singing voice. Will her dulcet tones return? And can Kurt impress his dad by changing his ways?

  • The glee club

    Episode 19 - Dream On

    Will's high school nemesis Bryan Ryan (guest star Neil Patrick Harris) turns up to wreak havoc on the glee club and exact revenge on his old sparring partner. Will he succeed in bringing them down? Meanwhile, Rachel struggles to cope with a long-term issue in her life and Artie and Tina face up to their problems.

  • Two male glee club members on stage

    Episode 20 - Theatricality

    Will asks the glee club to channel their inner Lady Gaga and use the pop singer's songs to express themselves. Meanwhile, Tina comes out of her shell, Rachel faces a life changing challenge and Finn has a wake up call about his relationships.

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    Episode 21 - Funk

    Will seeks revenge on Sue but it soon backfires. Mercedes helps Quinn find her funky side and the glee club hears some news that sets their nerves on edge.

  • Glee

    Episode 22 - Journey

    Quinn grows more anxious when it's clear that the baby is about to arrive. New Directions compete against Vocal Adrenaline and Aural Intensity at Regionals, attempting to prove themselves in front of a panel that includes Olivia Newton-John and Josh Groban. And Emma tells Will that she's moved on from him.

  • Sue in Glee

    Episode 23 - Sneak Peek

    Special preview of E4's musical comedy Glee. In this advance preview of the pilot episode, teacher Will Schuester begs the headteacher - Principal Figgins - to let him take on the task of transforming a group of underdogs into a world-class vocal ensemble.

    Principal Figgins threatens to cancel the club in favour of renting the auditorium out. He and Will strike a bargain: if the club earns a spot in regionals, the club can stay. And then Will comes across Finn, the school's popular quarterback with a Motown voice. The series begins in January 2010 on E4.

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Musical comedy series following an optimistic teacher attempting to inspire a diverse group of teenagers to realise their potential and restore the school's show choir to its former glory

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