Glamour Puds

    • Episode 1 - Who Was Careme?

      Eric Lanlard and Michel Roux Jnr discuss Careme's influence on patisserie and how he became famous cooking for Napoleon, Tsar Alexander and the Prince Regent

    • Episode 2 - French Revolution

      Eric visits Versailles Palace to understand the roots of the French Revolution, and bakes revolution-themed cupcakes for a dinner party in Paris.

    • Episode 3 - The Rise of the Celebrity Chef

      Eric examines the humble beginnings of Marie-Antoine Careme, who was abandoned as a child in Paris but ended up cooking for Napoleon.

    • Episode 4 - Napoleon's Wedding

      Eric tells the story of Napoleon's grand wedding to an Austrian princess, and asks why Marie-Antoine Careme stormed out of the kitchen.

    • Episode 5 - The Russians Are Coming

      Eric visits the setting of Britain and Russia's victory celebration over Napoleon, in Champagne, where Marie-Antoine Careme cooked for the Tsar and Wellington.

    • Episode 6 - The Congress of Vienna

      Eric Lanlard learns about Marie-Antoine Careme's role in the Congress of Vienna, where he cooked for the most influential politicians and aristocrats of the time.

    • Episode 7 - Vienna and the Spoils of War

      Eric Lanlard takes a tour of Vienna's famous coffee houses, finding out about the history of the famous café culture in this beautiful city.

    • Episode 8 - Regency Britain

      Eric Lanlard visits the kitchens of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, where the Prince Regent paid a fortune for Marie-Antoine Careme's services.

    • Episode 9 - Careme in Russia

      At the Winter Palace in St Petersburg, Eric Lanlard learns about Marie-Antoine Careme's eventful stint cooking for Tsar Alexander, and how he ended up inventing dessert.

    • Episode 10 - Careme's Legacy

      Eric Lanlard discovers how Marie-Antoine Careme ended his days cooking for the most powerful family in the world, the Rothschilds, and completing his now legendary cook books.