Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 1AM Wed 4 October 2006

On his journey exploring the state of race in modern Britain, Beckford visits Lozells in Birmingham in the aftermath of disturbances between Black and Asian youths, and asks whether initiatives on the ground are helping bring harmony to the community or exacerbating divisions.

He then travels to Oldham to look at whether race relations projects have brought community cohesion five years after the riots that tore the city apart; and also enters the far-right stronghold of Dagenham, which has saw an unprecedented number of BNP candidates gain a record number of seats in the local elections.

Through the course of the documentary, Dr Robert Beckford composes a manifesto of change to put before the UK's leading authority on race relations and the body created as a direct result of the Race Relations Act in 1976: the Commission for Racial Equality.

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Dr Robert Beckford embarks on a polemical quest exploring the legacy of the Race Relations Act. Has it succeeded in creating a multicultural dream, or has the plan spectacularly backfired?