Get Your House in Order

  • Episode 1

    Amie Ormand is a self-confessed shopaholic whose compulsive consuming is taking over her home and threatening her relationship with her fiance Ali. Can Nick and Abigail help?

  • Episode 2

    Bargain hunter Sylvia Stewart reckons she's spent around £100,000 over decades of shopping. Can Nick and Abigail help Sylvia to declutter her home and get her life back?

  • Episode 3

    Stuart is obsessed with having the newest gadgets, boy's toys and designer clothes, but his girlfriend Anna is desperate for him to change. Can Abigail and Nick help?

  • Episode 4

    Behind the well-maintained facade of his flat, out-of-control collector Ray Byrne is becoming literally trapped by his own possessions. Can Nick and Abigail help get his home and life back on track?

  • Episode 5

    Joy collects vintage toys, games and dolls. She has more than 500 Barbies and over 2000 vintage dolls. Three rooms in her home are full to the brim with her hoard. Can Nick and Abigail help her stop?

  • Episode 6

    Dealer Nick Allen and interior designer Abigail Ahern help a lab technician whose house is crammed with TV-related collectibles including hundreds of Doctor Who toys