Get Him to the Greek

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Get Him to The Greek

Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) works for a record company run by the increasingly unhinged Sergio (Sean Combs) and is a huge fan of the British rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand, reprising his role from Forgetting Sarah Marshall).

Sergio and Green hatch a plan for Snow to play, in just three days' time, Los Angeles's revered outdoor venue the Greek Theatre.

Getting Snow from London to LA, via New York and Vegas, should be a doddle. But he's just fallen off the wagon, and the sleazy rocker's appetite for drink, drugs and attractive women complicate the journey so much that it's not clear whether Green will survive the rock star's hedonism.

In addition to Combs' superbly energetic turn, Rose Byrne shines as Jackie Q, a role that satirises the record industry's fondness for marketing its female artists as sexual commodities.

Also starring Elisabeth Moss, Colm Meaney and a host of real-life music icons.

(2010) Cert: 15

Get Him to the Greek synopsis

Russell Brand and Jonah Hill star in Nicholas Stoller's boisterous music biz comedy

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