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George Clarke explores the extraordinary world of small builds, where people turn tiny spaces into the most incredible places to live, work and play. He even tries making a few of his own.

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George Clarke explores the extraordinary world of small builds, where people turn tiny spaces into the most incredible places to live, work and play. He even tries making a few of his own.

Series 2 Summary

Architect George Clarke returns for a new series of the show that celebrates the extraordinary world of small design.

Across Britain people are finding inventive ways of creating beautiful small spaces that don't blow the budget and can transform lives.

George marvels at breath-taking designs and fantastical architecture - from secret hideaways and space-saving retreats, to eco-friendly bolt holes and re-conditioned vehicles.

George shows that with careful planning, cunning design and masses of imagination, the unachievable is conceivable.

George also develops his own small space build - together with master craftsman William Hardie, he plans to build a fantasy tree house set in the grounds of the Kielder National Park.

  • Episode 1 - Campervan, Aquarium and Floating Egg

    In the first episode of the new series, George meets a couple planning to transform a tiny 60s ambulance into a campervan where the family of six can cook, eat and sleep.

    He also meets an artist who has commissioned an incredible giant wooden floating egg to use as a work/ living space.

    George also discovers a novel way of turning a suburban basement in Nottingham into a 4800-gallon aquarium.

    And George and William find the perfect location for an incredible country retreat.

  • Episode 2 - Beehive, Cocktail Bar and Tree Hotel

    George meets a couple who have remortgaged their house to build a sensational prototype apartment inspired by a beehive.

    There's also a barman who has bought a dilapidated Land Rover he plans to convert into a cocktail bar.

    George finds himself in a real life UFO, suspended in the trees at a tree hotel in a Swedish forest.

    And in Bordeaux, he meets an architect who has created a unique 41-metre-square one-bed apartment behind the façade of a garage.

  • Episode 3 - Double Decker Retreat and Boat Hotel

    George meets a carpenter hoping to turn a double-decker bus into a holiday retreat, a couple who have quit their jobs and thrown their life savings into designing a boat hotel, and a house in Oxford made of mud and straw.

    And George and William's tree house dream now includes an alfresco camping deck made out of a giant motorway drainage pipe.

  • Episode 4 - Horse Box, Milk Float and Balancing Barn

    George meets a woman who wants to build a shop and a mobile home out of an old horsebox, but she only has £500 to spend.

    He meets a couple who are creating a holiday let out of a 1960s milk float.

    He visits an extraordinary 100-foot-long balancing barn, half of which is hanging over the edge of the Sussex countryside.

    And George and William make plans for a rectangular pod for their tree house.

  • Episode 5 - Yo! Home and Beach Hut

    George visits a futuristic living space at YO! Home, where the double bed rises up out of the floor, and into the ceiling, and the kitchen and bathrooms are cleverly hidden from view.

    Inspired by this design, George and William put together the main rectangular living area for the tree house, and prove that by folding everything into the walls it is possible to place the kitchen, living and bedroom into a 12-square-metre box.

    George also meets a couple in the Wirral who are willing to put all their savings towards building the ultimate wilderness beach hut.

  • Episode 6 - Citroen Van, Railway Station and Double Decker

    George is invited onboard a blinged-up double-decker bus that's been converted into a posh restaurant and bar.

    He meets a couple living in an old railway station and sees their amazing plans for the waiting room.

    He gets to see the next generation of beach huts.

    George also meets the French couple who have converted an 1974 Citroen van to bring a bit of haute cuisine to West Yorkshire.

    And on his own build, George has a radical idea that he hopes will open his tree house to the elements.

  • Episode 7 - Mobile Cinema, Caravan and Shipping Container

    George catches up with designer Max McMurdo, who is making a classroom out of two rusting shipping containers.

    George visits a prototype for a mini home that includes a living area, bathroom with shower, kitchen, double bed and storage space, and is so small it can be driven on the back of the truck.

    In Somerset, George meets a couple who have turned a vintage vehicle into a mobile cinema business.

    And there's also a garden office and a beauty emporium run from a rare 1947 caravan.

  • Episode 8 - George's Tree House and Garden Shed Pub

    George prepares to unveil his own small-space project, an ambitious, accessible, multi-functional tree house within the Calvert Trust, an outward bound activities centre for families with disabilities, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Kielder Water & Forest park.

    George meets a couple with big plans to build a theatre in a 1970s caravan.

    A 19th century shepherd's hut undergoes restoration using super-sized Victorian steam powered machinery.

    And George meets the man who doesn't have to go far for a pint, as he's built an entire pub in his garden shed.

  • Episode 9 - George Clarke's Amazing Christmas Spaces

    In this festive special, George visits an incredible man-made stalactite crystal grotto in Surrey and meets a small spaces enthusiast who has rebuilt and renovated a Victorian flatpack tin chapel in Shropshire to create a magical holiday home.

    George catches up with carpenter Adam, who created a double-decker bus holiday home on the Brighton coastline, with Jay and Jonathan at their ambulance-turned-campervan in Norfolk, and Barry at his hexagonal home in Lancashire.

    Meanwhile, it's Christmas in the tree house with Rew from the Land Rover cocktail bar helping to get the celebrations started.

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces synopsis

George Clarke explores the extraordinary world of small builds, where people turn tiny spaces into the most incredible places to live, work and play. He even tries making a few of his own.

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