Genius of Britain

  • Episode 1

    Three and a half centuries ago, a small group of British friends, colleagues and rivals, including Newton, Wren and Halley, defied everything that was known about the world at that time

  • Episode 2

    Scientists including Richard Dawkins look at the scientific spark that ignited the Industrial Revolution, from James Watt's steam engine to naturalist Joseph Banks

  • Episode 3

    This episode looks at the scientific titans of the 19th century, whose drive and ambitions created the railways, discovered electricity and devised one of the most explosive ideas ever: evolution

  • Episode 4

    This episode tells the story of some of the scientists and engineers who helped Britain win the Second World War, and how we continue to enjoy the benefits of their discoveries to this day.

  • Episode 5

    The last episode in the series examines the incredible scientific discoveries of the last 50 years and reveals where some of the greatest scientific minds of our time think we are heading.