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A group of self-confessed geeks swap quantum physics for glow sticks as they go on the holiday of a lifetime in Marbella

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A group of self-confessed geeks swap quantum physics for glow sticks as they go on the holiday of a lifetime in Marbella

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    In the final show, three female sci-fi superheroes and four boys, more skilled in the art of obscure Japanese card game Yu-Gi-Oh! than the Blackjack table, are sent to the world's party and gambling mecca, Las Vegas.

    As party partner Joel introduces them to this bright, neon-lit force to be reckoned with, will they stick to the safety of their multi-million-pound villa or gamble on having a good time?

  • Geeks

    Three female Cosplay fanatics and four online-gaming obsessed males jet off to LA for a week of awkward silences, celebrity proximity and drama.

    Led by party partner, it-girl and daughter of Hollywood royalty Taylor Hasselhoff, can the geeks fit into the chic lifestyle?

    How will the guys cope when their gaming brotherhood is split for the first time? And, with their wigs and costumes removed, will the bond of the girls survive in one of the world's most glamorous cities?

  • Geeks

    Three magic-obsessed males and three nerdy female Sherlock fanatics zoom into Zante for a week of social awkwardness, silences and severe shock.

    Assisted by party veteran Tia, will the geeks learn that this Greek island isn't as scary as they initially thought?

    How will the magicians handle it when one of the group quite literally does a disappearing act, and will the Sherlock girls discover they can live life to the full in one of Europe's maddest party destinations?

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    Four male brass banders from York and four Basildon-based Cosplay (Costume Play) girls descend on the Greek party paradise that is Malia for a week of VIP clubbing and banging boat parties arranged by their party partner MC Reckless.

    As this geeky gang prefer a night in on the sofa to a night out on the strip, Reckless has got his work cut out.

    After a slightly scary start, not least because of a Cosplay girl's frighteningly-realistic zombie make up, will the nerdy mob learn to love the unfamiliar culture and the contagious party energy around them?

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    There's more tears, fall-outs and awkward partying as four self-confessed computer nerd lads from Stalybridge and four girls from Barrow who prefer books to humans throw themselves into the world's clubbing capital, Ibiza.

    Under the guidance of one of the island's top promoters, Matt, the group discover that there is more to life than books and the internet as they party their way around the White Isle.

    Confronted with hoards of beautiful party people, the geeks fall for each other and an awkward love triangle emerges.

  • Geeks

    In this series, awkwardness on a grand scale ensues as groups of nerdy boys and geeky girls jet off to one of the world's most notorious party destinations, where they are given VIP passes to the hottest clubs and parties.

    In the first show, it's all dodgy dancing and unrequited geek love as three male scientists and a female Quidditch team hit Marbella for a week of weird science, Harry Potter and VIP jacuzzis.

    Assisted by Ross, AKA 'Mr Marbella', the geeks learn that the glamorous world of Marbs isn't as hostile as they first thought. They host a villa party for the coolest kids in town, culminating in one of the most awkward dance-offs ever to grace the hip resort.

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A group of self-confessed geeks swap quantum physics for glow sticks as they go on the holiday of a lifetime in Marbella

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