Series 1 Episode 1
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Sherko is increasingly concerned that his daughter Resa is getting sick. Presenting themselves at the hospital they encounter a number of asylum seekers from their block, all demonstrating similar symptoms.

Doctor Annie Millbrook diagnoses Resa with flu, but shortly afterwards one of the Resa's neighbours, Hamez, dies. When Hamez's post mortem results arrive, it is discovered that he died from anthrax poisening.

Suddenly the true horror of what has happened finally hits home when a chilling message reaches the police: `White Power claims full responsibility for the outbreak of anthrax amongst refugees in Northern Glasgow. Terms: exile within one year all Blacks, Jews, Muslims and homosexuals from Mainland U.K., starting with 500 Eastern European refugees from Scotland per day. You have 24 hours to commence deportation. Failure to do so will result in a second, larger attack'.

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In this futuristic feature-length drama, an extremist group releases anthrax into a community of Kurdish asylum seekers in Glasgow, with devastating effects