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Tank commander Gary in uniform

A one-off special for More4 from comedian Greg McHugh, Gary's War sees the return of the inspired comedy character Gary the tank commander.

Fresh back from his tour of duty in Iraq, Sgt Gary McLintoch talks us through life on the front line - the fight for hearts and minds, and the reasons why Iraqis love to hit statues with flip flops.

The Erasure-loving tank commander is on leave at home, guiding us round the Edinburgh housing estate he grew up in, as he recollects events from Iraq and gives his own unique take on the build-up to and aftermath of the Iraq War: 'There are no easy options; it's a bit like Deal or No Deal in that respect.'

This spoof documentary provides a satirical look at life on the front line using archive news material and in-depth interviews, intercut with genuine news footage that includes soundbites from Blair, Bush and Brown.

Gary's War synopsis

A clever spoof documentary from comedian Greg McHugh, who plays tank commander Gary, just back from his tour of duty in Iraq and full of supposed insight into the war he has seen

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