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Richard Ayoade welcomes viewers to the world of gadgets and new technology - covering everything from the everyday to the extraordinary

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Richard Ayoade welcomes viewers to the world of gadgets and new technology - covering everything from the everyday to the extraordinary

Series 3 Summary

Richard Ayoade presents the third series. He still isn't finding life any easier.

Cooking, shopping, moving house, going out and staying in are among the activities that involve far too much effort for Ayoade's liking.

That's why he's continuing his crusade to find gadgets that can ease his pain...

  • Gadget Man

    Episode 1 - Weather

    Richard takes on the worst of the British weather. With the help of comedian Tim Vine he braves a hurricane in a wind tunnel to assess the best in gust busting gadgetry.

    And to help him pressure test the finest cold weather technology, Richard is joined in the wilds of the Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre by comedian Marcus Brigstocke, culminating in some hilarious results.

    The show climaxes with Richard revealing his bespoke survival raft built by his technical team to withstand the meteorological apocalypse that he's convinced is just around the corner.

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    Episode 2 - Public Transport

    Richard turns his attention to the noise, dirt and discomfort he suffers while on public transport. Russell Howard joins him on London's tube to assess the effectiveness of gadgets designed to deal with poor air quality and extreme heat.

    Elsewhere, Richard takes to London's skies in a cable car to check out mobile entertainment devices (naturally) before being joined on a commuter train by Adam Buxton and a plethora of portable cleaning and sanitising technology.

    The show's climax sees Richard unveil the latest prototype to be built by his technical team - a driverless taxi.

  • Gadget Man

    Episode 3 - The Staycation

    This ep features the world's tiniest caravan and 360 degree cameras, 300-litre rucksacks and a pair of trousers that transform into a picnic table.

    With the combined horror of picnics, days out and bracing walks in the countryside looming, Richard turns to comedian Phill Jupitus to hold his hand through this 'trial by leisure'.

  • Gadget Man

    Episode 4 - Shopping

    Richard heads to the strip-lit aisles of the supermarket where farmer and foodie Jimmy Doherty joins him to check out a robotic shopping assistant, a fruit ripeness reader and a food ethics scanner.

    And Richard and actress Alison Steadman visit a busy department store to check out a 3D virtual mirror and a mannequin with expanding bust and hips.

  • Episode 5 - Self-Improvement

    Can Richard Ayoade make himself a brighter man with the aid of gadgets? He gets Eamonn Holmes and actor Richard E. Grant to help, and challenges memory legend Dominic O'Brien to a contest.

    He plays Scalextric and tries flying a drone simply with mind power. And realises that to prosper in his memory challenge he has just one option - to cheat.

  • Episode 6 - Staying In

    Richard sets out to prove that gadgets can make it possible to lead a full and healthy life without leaving the house. He enlists the help of comedian Seann Walsh to check out gadgets that deliver the health benefits of the great outdoors, without the necessity of braving the danger, filth and inconvenience of the world outside.

    Richard also invites comedian David Mitchell to help him road test the latest in home gaming gadgets, in a bid to attract 'normal folk' to the Gadget House.

  • Episode 7 - Cooking and Dining Out

    Richard invites celebrity foodie Adrian Edmondson to his revolutionary bistro, where there's printed food, robot waiters, levitating desserts and clear coffee.

    There are also computerised wine sniffers and zero calorie electronic starters, as Richard confronts the twin horrors of cooking and dining out.

  • Episode 8 - Property

    Richard meets an army of window cleaning robots, samples some garden pods recommended by designer Naomi Cleaver and visits a super high tech home with Claudia Winkleman.

Gadget Man synopsis

Richard Ayoade welcomes viewers to the world of gadgets and new technology - covering everything from the everyday to the extraordinary

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