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  • Episode 1 - Britain's Got Bloodmonkey

    Eve enters her band, Bloodmonkey, into Britain's Got Talent. They're not very good. But Simon Cowell thinks her parents are dead, and the sympathy vote might propel her all the way to the final.

  • Episode 2 - Mangina

    Edgar feels ashamed to have run away during a break-in at home, so decides to man up at the local gym, while Jason tries to find himself while travelling in Thailand

  • Episode 3 - Dusty and the Real Girl

    Dusty surprises the family by bringing home a girl. An inflatable one. Meanwhile, Eve ODs on chocolate...

  • Episode 4 - Bank to the Future

    Edgar decides it's time for his eldest son, Dusty, to finally make something of himself, but he's horrified when Dusty lands a job as a banker

  • Episode 5 - Edgar, Interrupted

    After getting slightly annoyed at work, Edgar is committed to an institution by Ken. Meanwhile, Dusty is bitten by a squirrel and decides this has given him superpowers.