From Up on Poppy Hill

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From Up on Poppy Hill

It's 1963 and Japan is in the midst of swift modernisation, leaving behind the Second World War's painful memories and focusing on a brighter future, symbolised by the coming year's Tokyo Olympics.

In the city of Yokohama, one of the victims of the rush to the new is an old school clubhouse; it's currently a gathering place for the school's slovenly older boys, but its age and shabby appearance have condemned it to be torn down.

However, 16-year-old Umi, whose father was killed in the Korean War and whose mother is now living in the United States, is determined to save the historic structure and mounts a campaign to restore it.

While doing so, she meets and is mutually attracted to Shun, a student journalist. But something from the teenagers' muddled past histories will surface to threaten their nascent relationship.

The English language version features the voices of Sarah Bolger (as Umi), Anton Yelchin (as Shun), Gillian Anderson, Bruce Dern, Christina Hendricks, Jamie Lee Curtis and Beau Bridges.

(2011) Cert: U