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Comedy drama series from the creators of Peep Show about the hilarious, and often painful, truths of being a student

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Comedy drama series from the creators of Peep Show about the hilarious, and often painful, truths of being a student

  • Series 3 Episode 8

    In the series finale, in the aftermath of last week's party relationships and friendships are on the rocks. Oregon is now going head to head against Vod in the Student Union elections, and the gloves are truly off.

    Josie and Kingsley come to an unusual arrangement to overcome their relationship problems, while Howard realises it's now or never with Candice.

    And JP shows a surprising side to his personality.

  • Series 3 Episode 7

    It's Howard's birthday, not that he's told anybody. But word gets out anyway and the housemates throw him a party.

    Oregon is keen to hijack the whole event and turn it into a political fundraiser for her own campaign to become President of the Student Union.

    But things get very messy when a fight breaks out between two of the housemates.

  • Series 3 Episode 6

    The housemates get radical as they participate in a university sit-in organised by Oregon to demonstrate against the forced deportation of a hot Tunisian guy.

    Josie is taken hostage by Sabine, who is having a PhD crisis. Vod has an unusually illuminating therapy session, which goes well beyond the designated 50 minutes, while JP's attempts to impress Sam are beginning to backfire.

  • Series 3 Episode 5

    There's much excitement in the house when Vod announces that her mum is coming to stay. Nobody can quite believe she's even got a mum, and when she arrives she's not what anybody expected.

    Josie and Kingsley announce a relationship amnesty which entails them both being honest about everything thus far in order to wipe the slate clean. However, a little honesty goes a long way...

  • Series 3 Episode 4

    Having been rejected by Sam for cheating in the quiz, JP makes it his mission to win her back by signing up to take part in a medical drugs trial that he knows she'll be attending.

    Kingsley thinks the drugs trial could be a safe place to come clean to Josie about having two-timed her, but he fails to take into account his raging hypochondria.

    Howard finds himself involved in a heated dispute with a fellow student over an obscure library book, and Oregon has written a play without looking far for inspiration.

  • Series 3 Episode 3

    Realising how serious Javier has become since their wedding, Vod tries to dump him, but it's not that simple.

    Howard is busy devising a plan to humiliate JP at a university quiz, but Candice and Oregon vie for quiz team supremacy until they realise the quiz master is Tony Shales...

    A romantic boozy weekend in the country raises some troubling questions for Kingsley and Josie.

  • Series 3 Episode 2

    Vod comes up with a plan to get rid of her holiday romance. Howard likes a girl but JP thinks she's out of his league, so he tries to poach her in order to restore the natural order of things.

    Kingsley can't find it in himself to break things off with Heather, so he dates both her and Josie, who is commuting long-distance from Southampton.

  • Series 3 Episode 1

    Howard and JP try to coax some female freshers to join their dry-slope skiing society, while Vod's summer fling turns up unexpectedly. And the gang go to visit Josie in Southampton where she's now studying. But her traffic-light party creates a few problems for Kingsley.

  • Series 2 Episode 8

    The end of the academic year is drawing near, and with it the need for the housemates to make some big decisions.

    Josie's secret is now out and she needs to take action, Kingsley finds himself accidentally moving in to a one-bedroom flat with Heather, Sabine blows Howard's mind with her news, and Oregon's relationship with Dylan comes to a head.

    Vod, still reeling from recent news, resolves to turn her life around. And in the middle of it all is JP, desperately trying to keep the whole house together and valiantly fighting the forces of change...

  • Series 2 Episode 7

    At an open mic gig at the Student Union, Kingsley performs a song written by Blur's Graham Coxon.

    When Vod is not invited to attend a poetry seminar by the renowned poet John Frobisher, she gatecrashes the event and befriends the great man himself - with dramatic and unexpected consequences.

    And Josie is still disappearing every morning to her 'seminars', but can she prevent the housemates from learning the truth?

  • Series 2 Episode 6

    Spurred on by a righteous sense of getting-his-money's-worth, Kingsley makes an official complaint, but when a field trip goes awry, things come to a head for him and JP.

    Vod's future as a student is put in jeopardy unless she can find some clean urine, and Oregon begins to fall for Dylan.

    Josie decides not to tell anyone that she has been kicked off her course and petitions to get back on.

  • Series 2 Episode 5

    Things go from bad to worse when Josie makes a catastrophic error of judgement. A chance encounter leads Oregon to fall for a sexy librarian, JP makes a 'local' friend, Vod falls in love and Howard turns detective in a bid to catch an intruder.

  • Series 2 Episode 4

    It's the Easter break and JP invites the gang to stay at his country house, but it's not as idyllic as it seems.

    Josie is marking ex-fiance Dave's new wedding day in her own way, while Howard and Sabine find themselves home alone together, and Sabine makes him an offer he can't refuse.

  • Series 2 Episode 3

    The boys compete for lucrative internships at a geology careers fair. Meanwhile, Oregon is thrown together with Tony again, as she attempts to secure funding for her new magazine.

  • Series 2 Episode 2

    A spate of muggings on campus leave the gang concerned about their safety, while JP is confined to his bed with mumps. Kingsley makes an announcement that leaves Josie reeling.

  • Series 2 Episode 1

    It's a new term and the gang are back... Kingsley has had an image rethink, and Josie is turning over a new leaf. JP's great friend Giles has transferred from Exeter. Vod is skint and Paul Lamb, the invisible flatmate has gone, so it's time to find a replacement...

  • Series 1 Episode 8

    In the final episode of the first series, Josie embarks on a 'girl power' booze and sex fest, aided and abetted by Vod, who believes her uni days are well and truly over.

    JP joins Ralph in organising the Love Cloud club night, only to find that it clashes with his dad's funeral.

    Meanwhile, Shales has moved into a flat, fully expecting that Oregon will join him. Howard is given the task of keeping an eye on Paul Lamb, who's had a nervous breakdown, which he does by installing spy cameras in his room.

    Kingsley finally resolves to make a move on Josie at the Love Cloud party, but is he too late?

  • Series 1 Episode 7

    Mrs Professor Shales gets suspicious and assumes her husband is having an affair - but with Vod, not Oregon.

    Josie's fiancé Dave is moving into the house by stealth, much to Kingsley's chagrin. Under suspicion from Dave, Kingsley blurts out the details of Josie's indiscretion with JP.

    JP is in denial about his father's death, and diverts his grief into desperately trying to get out of doing his end-of-term exams.

    Meanwhile, Brian begs Howard to resume their friendship.

  • Series 1 Episode 6

    JP finds out his father has serious health issues, and decides the best response is to take his first acid trip.

    Oregon is distraught to learn that her childhood horse is dying, culminating in the revelation that she isn't called Oregon at all, but Melissa.

    Meanwhile Vod has a drug overdose and starts to question her own lifestyle and behaviour.

    Kingsley and Josie compete with one another to become student journalists, with Kingsley unscrupulously using Vod's overdose as subject matter.

    Josie hits a new low and accepts a marriage proposal from Dave. And Howard has his first date with Geology Girl, but Brian jealously resolves to sabotage it.

  • Series 1 Episode 5

    During a student protest march in London, Vod and Oregon's friendship is threatened when Vod finds out about Oregon's secret affair with Shales.

    Kingsley pursues Ruth at the demo, but when they both get kettled with Josie, Kingsley's two-timing of the girls is revealed, and Kingsley and Josie fall out explosively.

    JP's initial plans to use the demo as a free trip to meet up with his mates in a London bar is scuppered as he gets caught up in the demo and radicalised. Meanwhile, Howard and his new best friend Brian have a 'man-date'.

  • Series 1 Episode 4

    Kingsley is forced to confess to Josie that he's a virgin, and she offers to 'cure' him. But the deal is undercut when Kingsley unexpectedly winds up having sex with drama queen Ruth. Unable to fess up to Josie, Kingsley nevertheless goes ahead with the plan.

    Oregon is unimpressed with Shales' cheap efforts at romanticism at a Travelodge, while Vod is forced to actually do some work and has an epiphany - enjoying the book she was meant to read.

    JP takes Howard under his wing in an attempt to 'humanise' him, but becomes increasingly dependent on him when they go on an expedition to acquire illegal substances.

  • Series 1 Episode 3

    Oregon and Prof Shales' flirtation reaches bizarre new levels when he pays her to clean his oven.

    Enticed by Ruth, the alluring drama queen, Kingsley rashly switches courses to drama.

    Josie enrols the other housemates in a charity dating scheme and is devastated when her date fails to show, although it later emerges he died shortly before, and she finds herself mourning the death of the potential partner she never met.

    Meanwhile JP worries that he might have forced himself upon his charity date, and Vod and Howard, suspiciously paired with one another, go on a date to an all-you-can-eat buffet...

  • Series 1 Episode 2

    The housemates are in social Siberia so they decide to throw a party, spearheaded by Josie in the hope that she and Kingsley will get together - a plan scuppered when Josie's boyfriend Dave turns up unxpectedly.

    Josie is saved from further embarrassment when Kingsley steps in to prevent one of JP's 'nobhead' friends revealing that she slept with him.

    Meanwhile, Oregon continues to cultivate her 'alternative' image, dented slightly by the revelation that she has a car.

    JP tries to impress his old schoolmate 'King' Ralph, and Howard winds up having to pretend to be Vod's boyfriend...

  • Series 1 Episode 1

    A comedy drama series about the hilarious and painful truths of being a student. The latest creation from Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, Fresh Meat follows a group of six students about to embark on the most exciting period of their lives so far - university.

    Shipping up as freshers at their shared house are: JP, public school boy with good teeth and an inflated sense of entitlement; Kingsley, charming and crushingly insecure; Josie, determined to experience 'new things'; socially-awkward know-it-all Howard, hard-living Vod; and Oregon, desperate to be cool and terrified of being boring.

    One by one, the six new students destined to be housemates congregate before term begins - although second year Howard has of course already been in solitary residence for some unspecified time.

    There are already some surprises in store: to his considerable bemusement, Kingsley manages to pull at the pub; Oregon locks horns with her lecturer, Professor Shales, at her first English tutorial; and Josie ends up in bed with JP - a random encounter after which, to her horror, she realises he is in fact there to stay.

    Fresh Meat guest stars Robert Webb as geology lecturer Dan, and Tony Gardner as Professor Shales.

  • Fresh Meat Online Compilation: JP

    An exclusive compilation of the irrepressible JP's guide to student life.

  • Fresh Meat Online Compilation: Kingsley & Josie

    An exclusive 4oD compilation all about Kingsley and Josie's story.

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Comedy drama series from the creators of Peep Show about the hilarious, and often painful, truths of being a student

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A comedy drama series about the hilarious and painful truths of being a student. The latest creation from Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, Fresh Meat follows a…

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