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Brits with an eye for a bargain scour French markets looking for treasures to sell for a profit back home in the UK

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Brits with an eye for a bargain scour French markets looking for treasures to sell for a profit back home in the UK

Series 1 Summary

In this new series, three Brits with an eye for a bargain visit a French market for a day, with 800 euros to spend and dealer Mark Franks on hand to help with expert advice.

Back in the UK, they have one day to upcycle their French purchases before selling them on. The person who makes the most profit wins everyone else's cash.

  • Episode 1 - Durtal & Portobello Road Market

    Jemma, Kellie and David go shopping in Durtal, north-west France, and selling on in London's Portobello Road market.

    Jemma thinks kids' furniture is hot and hopes to see a return on a child's desk. Kellie shows how to upcycle candlesticks into lamps - complete with homemade shades.

    And a battered old leather chair turns out to be a big money-spinner for David.

  • Episode 2 - Avignon & Bristol

    Three Brits visit a market in Avignon in southern France, before looking to sell for a profit in Bristol.

    Adrien thinks industrial lighting is popular at the moment and picks up some old warehouse lights. In the upcycling, Sam gets creative - converting an old bicycle into three decorative clocks.

    And Juel finds there's money in taxidermy.

  • Episode 3 - Nice & Clapham

    In Nice, in the South of France, David, Jane and Nathalie go head to head to see who can buy the best bargains to then sell for a profit on their return to Clapham, London.

    Nathalie goes traditional, picking up some antique shutters. David gives a small chest of drawers the shabby chic treatment.

    And hard-haggler Jane strikes gold when a mirror for 70 euros turns out to be worth much more.

  • Episode 4 - Porte de Vanves & York

    Sarah, Trevor and Vicky visit the Porte de Vanves market in Paris, hoping to sell on whatever they buy for a profit on their return to York. Sarah spends big on some Bakelite telephones. Trevor thinks a pair of antelope could see him strike gold. And Vicky thinks an antique mirror is a real bargain.

  • Episode 5 - Jonzac & Brighton

    Three rivals head to a flea market in Jonzac, western France looking for bargains to sell for a profit on their return to Brighton. Helen sees the potential in some rusty old oyster baskets. Pauline gives an antique mirror a pink paint job. And Martin's upcycling gets personal as he creates a bespoke piece of artwork using some old watch fittings.

  • Episode 6 - Carpentras & Bristol

    In Carpentras, southern France, Ray sees potential in a French dresser - but will the buyers in Bristol agree? Joanne reupholsters some antique dining chairs.

    And Ben surprises Mark when he makes a profit on an old typewriter.

  • Episode 7 - Nantes & Portobello

    In Nantes, Jess thinks her fortune lies with a retro Formica kitchen set. Terry gets lucky with a 70s coffee table. And Dan converts a vintage trunk into a kitsch cocktail cabinet.

    But will the buyers on Portobello Road want to give any of them a profit on their purchases?

  • Episode 8 - L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue & Manchester

    In L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, southern France, Colin finds a vintage mirror that he thinks could be a winner.

    Katie restores an old industrial table to its former glory.

    And body paint artist Amanda gives a shop mannequin a makeover.

    But what will the buyers in Manchester think of their wares?

  • Episode 9 - Le Val & Clapham

    In a market in Le Val, Alison finds an old birdcage she wants to clean up as a decorative item.

    Alys places her bets on an antique rocking horse.

    And Louise spruces up a hall coat stand.

    Then it's off to Clapham, where the buyers are waiting.

  • Episode 10 - Montpellier & Shoreditch

    Siobhan thinks a retro tapestry could be a real money spinner. Raj creates a personalised table top by printing a photograph on to MDF. And Lyn upcycles a 100-year-old cot.

    And then it's back to the UK, to Shoreditch in London, to see whose item sells best.

  • Episode 11 - Carpentras & Manchester

    Three rivals go head to head in Carpentras in the south of France, to see who can bag the best bargains from a sunny French flea market.

    Painter and decorator Lydia gives a pair of side tables the shabby-chic look. Art student Duncan pins his hopes on a retro three-piece nesting table set. And Clair spends big on an old railway lamp, which she thinks could make a great interior design piece.

  • Episode 12 - Place de la Bastille & York

    In a Paris market, John spends big on an industrial lamp, convinced it's on-trend enough to return a big profit. Mark turns a battered old picture frame into a stylish blackboard. And Agata buys an antique sunlamp, which she thinks will sell for more profit after she's turned it into a mirror.

    But will the buyers of York give them a profit on their purchases?

  • Episode 13 - Jonzac & Brighton

    Nadia has high hopes for a 19th-century bread-delivery bicycle. Fiona buys an old wooden chest, which she converts into a cushioned bench seat.

    And Nick demonstrates some simple techniques for upcycling a wooden child's desk and chair.

  • Episode 14 - Villeneuve-lès-Avignon & Shoreditch

    Sarah finds an old chemists' lamp, while David sees potential in some vintage circus advertising posters. And Nila thinks she's struck gold with an antique wardrobe that flat-packs like a modern piece.

    But will the buyers in Shoreditch, east London, give any of them a profit on their purchases?

  • Episode 15 - French Collection

    Three Brits get a day at a French market. Tracy picks up dining chairs, Maj converts bottles into lamps, and Helen turns a trunk into a coffee table. But who will sell for the most profit?

French Collection synopsis

Brits with an eye for a bargain scour French markets looking for treasures to sell for a profit back home in the UK

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