• Episode 1 - Frasier's Imaginary Friend

      Frasier meets a glamour model but their busy schedules make it difficult to meet leaving Martin, Niles and Daphne to suspect she's a fantasy

    • Episode 2 - The Gift Horse

      As Martin's 65th birthday approaches, Frasier and Niles attempt to outdo each other with their gifts to their father

    • Episode 3 - Halloween

      Niles is hosting a tasteful Halloween party. What could go wrong?

    • Episode 4 - The Kid

      Frasier is happy to help Roz out following the revelation about her pregnancy, but he's determined to find out who the father is

    • Episode 5 - The 1000th Show

      Frasier Crane's self-importance and persistent sibling rivalry with brother Niles reaches crisis point

    • Episode 6 - Voyage of the Damned

      Frasier agrees to be a 'celebrity guest' on a cruise ship trip to Alaska

    • Episode 7 - My Fair Frasier

      Frasier dates a beautiful, dynamic lawyer, but could a clash of careers end the affair before it's properly begun?

    • Episode 8 - Desperately Seeking Closure

      Sam breaks off their relationship, and Frasier desperately tries to find out what went wrong

    • Episode 9 - Perspectives on Christmas

      The gang deal with the trials and tribulations of a tedious holiday season

    • Episode 10 - Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name

      The Fox and Whistle is Frasier's new local - which is no fun for Daphne, who uses the pub as an escape from life's stresses

    • Episode 11 - Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do

      Sherry plans a big party for Martin's 65th birthday, but Niles and Frasier try to outdo each other over the present buying

    • Episode 12 - The Zoo Story

      Frasier encounters Bebe at Cafe Nervosa, and she tells him she wants him back

    • Episode 13 - The Maris Counselor

      After visiting her therapist, Niles is convinced his marriage to Maris can be saved - until a surprise rendezvous with her!

    • Episode 14 - Ski Lodge

      Romantic tangles ensue when the Cranes, Daphne, her friend and a ski instructor get involved with each other...

    • Episode 15 - Room Service

      A surprise visit by Lilith stirs up old feelings in Frasier - and some surprising new ones in Niles...

    • Episode 16 - Beware of Greeks

      Frasier must confront an old family grudge when he runs into his cousin Nikos, who is getting married

    • Episode 17 - The Perfect Guy

      When a handsome doctor joins the radio station as the host of a new show, Frasier can't believe he is as perfect as he seems, and tries to find his flaw

    • Episode 18 - Bad Dog

      After a hold-up at Cafe Nervosa, Bulldog takes the credit for saving Roz - and Frasier can't handle Bulldog's 15 minutes of fame

    • Episode 19 - Frasier's Gotta Have It

      When Frasier begins dating a beautiful woman, he has trouble accepting the relationship is largely built on physical attraction

    • Episode 20 - First Date

      Niles plans a fake 'first date' so that Daphne won't discover he's in fact attracted to her

    • Episode 21 - Roz and the Schnoz

      Roz meets the parents of her baby's father and is shocked to notice a family facial characteristic that cannot be ignored

    • Episode 22 - Life of the Party

      Frasier and Niles throw a singles party where they find themselves both attracted to the same woman. But before either of them can make a move, Roz steals the show...

    • Episode 23 - Party, Party

      Frasier tries to hook up with an attractive new lady. But, of course, there are obstacles: a broken watch, car troubles, Martin's invitation to Chimps on Ice...

    • Episode 24 - Sweet Dreams

      Frasier puts his job on the line by refusing to read out an advert for the station's new sponsor