• Episode 1 - The Ring Cycle

      Niles and Daphne marry on an impulse while on holiday in Reno but are forced to hide their good news on returning to Seattle

    • Episode 2 - Enemy at the Gate

      Frasier and Niles are pitted against the owner of a local garage in a battle over principles (and two dollars). And Daphne leaves the Crane household for good.

    • Episode 3 - Proxy Prexy

      Frasier's campaign to become condominium president hits an unexpected bump after he persuades Martin to run as a 'puppet' candidate

    • Episode 4 - Kissing Cousin

      Roz's 20-year-old cousin is quite the party girl; when she arrives in Seattle Frasier finds it impossible to keep up with her

    • Episode 5 - Tales from the Crypt

      Frasier plots revenge on Bulldog after he finds himself on the receiving end of an office prank

    • Episode 6 - Star Mitzvah

      Frasier makes a deal with Trekkie workmate Noel that he'll get him Scott Bakula's autograph if Noel teaches him Hebrew

    • Episode 7 - Bristle While You Work

      Frasier interviews potential housekeepers in his search for Daphne's replacement - and hires a woman who proves less than reliable...

    • Episode 8 - Rooms with a View

      The Cranes pay an unexpected visit to the local hospital

    • Episode 9 - Don't Go Breaking My Heart

      Frasier is driven round the bend by the new lease of life Niles has acquired since his midlife crisis

    • Episode 10 - We Two Kings

      Christmas is coming and so, it seems, is a Crane family feud. Niles and Daphne want to host the family get-together, while Frasier is determined to do the honours himself.

    • Episode 11 - Door Jam

      Frasier and Niles enjoy the plush comforts of Seattle's premier spa - until they discover the existence of a secret and exclusive 'Gold Level' that apparently ups the pampering stakes...

    • Episode 12 - The Harassed

      Tension mounts when Frasier is forced to share his studio and air time with the station's new finance reporter, an arrogant ex-stock market analyst

    • Episode 13 - Lilith Needs a Favor

      Lilith pays an unexpected visit to Seattle - and tells Frasier she would like another child...

    • Episode 14 - Daphne Does Dinner

      Niles plans a dinner party to mark the purchase of a new painting he's bought for Daphne

    • Episode 15 - Trophy Girlfriend

      Frasier gets a new squash partner when he asks an attractive gym coach to team up with him for a tournament

    • Episode 16 - Fraternal Schwinns

      Frasier and Niles are volunteered to participate in a bike-a-thon for AIDS research. Unfortunately, neither of them can ride a bike!

    • Episode 17 - Kenny on the Couch

      Frasier is jealous when his depressed station manager finds more comfort in Martin's advice than Frasier's psychiatry

    • Episode 18 - Roe to Perdition

      The Crane brothers find their social influence growing thanks to a Russian backstreet caviar dealer

    • Episode 19 - Some Assembly Required

      Frasier turns his hand to DIY when he helps out with a local homebuilding scheme. Sadly, as usual, his plans are rather too grandiose to succeed...

    • Episode 20 - Farewell, Nervosa

      Frasier and Niles set out in search of a new coffee house when they are annoyed by the singer who starts playing at Cafe Nervosa. Guest starring Elvis Costello.

    • Episode 21 - The Devil and Dr Phil

      Frasier gets jealous when he finds out about his former agent Bebe's relationship with his old friend Dr Phil (guest starring as himself)

    • Episode 22 - Fathers and Sons

      Martin worries that he may not be Frasier and Niles' father when he notices the similarities they share with his wife's former work-partner

    • Episode 23 - Analyzed Kiss

      Frasier shares an unexpected kiss with Julia while trying to steal files from her ex's office, while Niles enjoys a trip to the shooting range

    • Episode 24 - A New Position for Roz

      Roz prepares to leave the radio station and join a rival company, but not before voicing her concerns about Frasier's new relationship with Julia