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In this American comedy drama, streetwise lawyers and life-long friends Jared Franklin and Peter Bash are recruited to shake things up at a stuffy law firm

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In this American comedy drama, streetwise lawyers and life-long friends Jared Franklin and Peter Bash are recruited to shake things up at a stuffy law firm

Series 2 Summary

Streetwise lawyers Jared Franklin and Peter Bash are chasing promotion by attempting to recruit some big corporate clients for the firm.

  • Franklin & Bash: Franklin, Bash and Lawrence Reynolds

    Episode 1 - Strange Brew

    Peter and Jared try to find some important corporate clients for the business so that they can win a big promotion.

    They go to great lengths to sign a major drinks company executive, but a big night out on the town jeopardises their plans.

    And a meeting with beautiful police officer Wendy Cowell leaves Peter tongue-tied.

  • Franklin & Bash: Colleen (Jane Seymour)

    Episode 2 - Viper

    Jared and Peter defend an aspiring crime fighter and self-styled superhero (guest star Sean Astin) from a manslaughter charge.

    Their client is accused of chasing a man he suspected of robbery, who died in a fall from a roof as a result.

    Peter's mother Colleen (guest star Jane Seymour) drops into the office with some news about the family home that has an impact on her son's living arrangements. Meanwhile, Pindar makes an effort to tackle his phobias.

  • Franklin & Bash: Rossi, Jango, Franklin, Bash

    Episode 3 - Jango and Rossi

    Peter and Jared represent Evanthia Steele, one of Stanton Infeld's ex-wives (guest star Cybill Shepherd).

    She has been accused of kidnapping a dog from its owner, but claims she found the animal wandering alone in the street.

    During the case, they encounter some old legal sparring partners, Jango and Rossi (played by Seth Green and Eric Mabius).

    Meanwhile, Damien is assigned to work with Pindar on a robbery case, but he struggles to tolerate Pindar's quirky behaviour.

  • Franklin & Bash: Leonard, Franklin and Bash

    Episode 4 - For Those About to Rock

    When Jared serves temporarily as a judge in the small claims court, he is forced to come to a verdict that upsets the local music community.

    He rules to evict a well-known rock 'n' roll club belonging to impresario Bert Mazzani (guest star Peter Weller) from its premises due to rent arrears.

    Subsequently, Jared finds himself in court once again facing his lawyer father Leonard (guest star Beau Bridges), who is representing a property developer who wants to close the club down.

    Meanwhile, Stanton Infeld defends a spiritual adviser and life coach who has recently been exposed as a fraud.

  • Franklin & Bash

    Episode 5 - L'Affaire du Coeur

    When a well-respected judge is arrested for having an affair with a lawyer while presiding over her cases, he asks Peter and Jared to defend him, which surprises the duo as they thought he didn't approve of their methods.

    Damien represents an old friend from college who plays in a gay softball league that has accused his team of 'heterosexual cheating' and taken away their championship trophy.

  • Franklin & Bash: Franklin and Bonnie

    Episode 6 - Voir Dire

    Peter and Jared are assigned to represent mechanic Sal, who is accused of a pre-meditated attack on three acquaintances at a garage where stolen vehicles are broken up for parts.

    Both the selection of jurors for the case and the choice of strategy for the defence prove to be complicated matters.

    The duo find themselves up against District Attorney Brad Hewett (guest star Brian Howe), who has a history of rivalry with Peter.

    Meanwhile, young law students including Bonnie (guest star Danielle Panabaker) join the company's summer associate programme and are partnered with lawyers at the firm.

  • Franklin & Bash

    Episode 7 - Summer Girls

    Peter and Jared represent two female Navy personnel who are charged with assault after a brawl in a bar, although the sailors' commanding officer seems to lack confidence in their defence strategy.

    Hanna agrees to help the duo handle the court martial, but does she have ulterior motives?

    Meanwhile, Damien finds himself in an awkward situation when he realises that he has encountered one of the firm's summer associates in the past.

  • Franklin & Bash

    Episode 8 - Last Dance

    The widow of a noted scientist finds out that her husband has left his remains to a company that will immortalise him as a dancer in a human body exhibit.

    Feeling this is an undignified end for her spouse, she hires Peter and Jared to help her make sure that his final wishes are not carried out.

    Stanton Infeld suffers harassment from an unknown stalker, and Damien suspects that an old client who has just been released from prison may be responsible. Hanna runs into an old flame from her college days.

  • Franklin & Bash

    Episode 9 - Waiting on a Friend

    Peter and Jared's jobs are at risk when one of their ex-clients is arrested for absconding during a trial and accuses the duo of paying her to disappear.

    And one of the firm's New York associates, who arrives in Los Angeles to look into the claims, becomes an unexpected love interest for Jared.

  • Franklin & Bash

    Episode 10 - 650 to SLC

    An administrative error leaves Peter temporarily barred from practising law, so he enlists Jared to help him represent his old high school friend Tommy Dale (guest star Chris Klein). Dale is running for governor but has decided to drop out of the political race due to a scandal.

    Meanwhile, when Jared's father Leonard (guest star Beau Bridges) attempts to buy Infeld Daniels over Stanton's head, the duo back their boss's campaign to save the firm.

Franklin & Bash synopsis

In this American comedy drama, streetwise lawyers and life-long friends Jared Franklin and Peter Bash are recruited to shake things up at a stuffy law firm

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