Franklin & Bash

    • Episode 1 - Strange Brew

      Peter and Jared need to locate some important corporate clients for the business in order to win a big promotion

    • Episode 2 - Viper

      Jared and Peter defend an aspiring crime fighter and self-styled superhero from a manslaughter charge. With guest star Sean Astin.

    • Episode 3 - Jango and Rossi

      Peter and Jared represent Evanthia Steele, one of Stanton Infeld's ex-wives, guest star Cybill Shepherd, who has been accused of kidnapping a dog from its owner

    • Episode 4 - For Those About to Rock

      When Jared serves temporarily as a judge in the small claims court, he is forced to come to a verdict that upsets the local music community

    • Episode 5 - L'Affaire du Coeur

      When a well-respected judge is arrested for having an affair with a lawyer while presiding over her cases, he asks Peter and Jared to defend him

    • Episode 6 - Voir Dire

      Peter and Jared are assigned to represent mechanic Sal, who is accused of a pre-meditated attack on three acquaintances at a garage where stolen vehicles are broken up for parts

    • Episode 7 - Summer Girls

      Peter and Jared represent two female Navy personnel who are charged with assault after a brawl in a bar, although the sailors' commanding officer seems to lack confidence in their defence strategy.

    • Episode 8 - Last Dance

      The widow of a noted scientist finds out that her husband has left his remains to a company that will immortalise him as a dancer in a human body exhibit

    • Episode 9 - Waiting on a Friend

      Peter and Jared's jobs are at risk when one of their ex-clients is arrested for absconding during a trial and accuses the duo of paying her to disappear

    • Episode 10 - 650 to SLC

      An administrative error leaves Peter barred from practising law, so he asks Jared to represent his old high school friend, who's running for governor but has dropped out of the race due to a scandal