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Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling and David Strathairn star in Gregory Hoblit's twist-filled legal drama.

When top airplane engineer Ted Crawford (Hopkins) discovers that his wife (Embeth Davidtz) has been cheating on him he takes a devastatingly direct route to revenge: he drives home and shoots his errant spouse in the face. He then waits for the police to turn up and confesses to the crime.

With his wife in a coma, Crawford is arrested and enters the justice system. It should, of course, be the simplest prosecution ever.

And lawyer Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling) can be forgiven for thinking that his last case as a criminal attorney (before he switches to company law) is set to be a doddle.

However, once the case comes to court, Crawford, representing himself, proceeds to tear apart the ample evidence that's stacked against him.

Can he possibly get away with his crime?

Also starring Rosamund Pike, Billy Burke and Fiona Shaw.

(2007) Cert: 15

Fracture synopsis

Legal drama in which a lawyer attempts to prove that a man is guilty of murder, despite an inconvenient lack of evidence

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