Foxes Live: Wild in the City


  • Mark Evans

    Experienced vet, animal lover and domestic animal anatomy expert

  • Anita Rani

    Lively co-host; Anita likes to get to the heart of the debate

  • Basil

    Like the star of the Fawlty Towers, our Basil resides in Torquay

  • Chico

    As bad as Chico's reputation is, we've given him a second chance

  • Diesel

    Introducing Diesel, the resilient, strong-willed dog fox

  • Dora

    Dora was our first explorer to don the GPS collar

  • Grace

    A vixen on a mission: to help her mum raise her litter

  • Loxy

    Back from the brink of death, Loxy enjoys her new lease of life

  • Patch

    The old fox is wise to the dangers of an urban environment

  • Rathbone

    Rathbone lives his life on the edge - next to a busy railway line

  • Ringtail

    Ringtail loves his favourite haunt, the local Methodist church