Profile: Alex Proud

Alex Proud

Alex started out selling Japanese art and, by the age of 26, was dealing Rolls Royce cars. He opened his famous photography gallery Proud Central in 1998. The Proud Galleries are now one of the world's foremost private photographic galleries.

Alongside his gallery, Alex runs a hugely successful business empire running bars, clubs, and restaurants while still dealing beautiful and rare objects which catch his eye.

Alex believes he was born with a sixth sense, a unique skill that helps him attribute a price to the strangest piece, admitting to sometimes not knowing himself if it's genius or insanity.

'Knowledge is power in Four Rooms. I need to know those dealers better than they know themselves. Just like in a game of poker, I will beat them,' he says.

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Four Rooms synopsis

People who believe they have a valuable artefact get a chance to sell it to some of the country's leading dealers. But, once they turn down an offer, there's no going back...

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