Four Rooms US

  • Episode 1

    Negotiations take place between the sellers and the four antiques experts over a king's solid-gold sword handle, autographed bonnets of three NASCAR vehicles, and a baseball signed by Babe Ruth.

  • Episode 2

    The four dealers vie for Kurt Cobain's guitar and a lock of Elvis Presley's hair. A Civil War enthusiast is sent packing, negotiations heat up, and the sellers learn an expensive lesson.

  • Episode 3

    The four dealers gamble on the craziest collection yet, including a Prohibition-era roulette wheel and an extinct marine reptile known as 'The T-Rex of the Sea'

  • Episode 4

    The four dealers compete for a dress that was worn by Marilyn Monroe, a rare African insect collection, two early photographs by Ansel Adams, a Tiffany lamp, and an iconic remote-controlled bunny

  • Episode 5

    Four antiques dealers negotiate for the best price with sellers of artefacts including Star Wars memorabilia, props from musical comedy film The Blues Brothers and Wacky Packages artwork

  • Episode 6

    The objects include a Kashmir sapphire ring, a superhero suit dating from the 1950s and a set of 19th-century love letters that were transported by hot-air balloon