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B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

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B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

Series 7 Summary

B&B compete to be named the best value for money.

  • Episode 1 - From The Flying Bull to Elveden Inn

    Starting in Hampshire at The Flying Bull, run by partners Russell Theron and Chris Birkett, the competition gets off to a flying start. But when things move to Sharon Parker's Victorian Villa in Hampton Hill, the negative reaction to her themed rooms takes her close to the edge.

    In Cambridge at Faisal Malik and Wak Salim's Ayah Villa Guest House, tensions previously simmering in the group bubble to the surface.

    But nothing can prepare the group for Sharon's reaction to the final B&B: The Elveden Inn in Suffolk, run by Richard Lawson and his housekeeper Kerry Alcock, where pet hair gets right up her nose.

  • Episode 2 - From Vale Berkeley Guesthouse to The New Inn

    The competition begins in Gloucestershire at The Vale Berkley Guesthouse, run by Harri and Claire Cheber, where functional magnolia rooms are the order of the day.

    But the guests are in for something completely different when they head to Penzance and The Artist's Residence run by twenty-somethings Justin Salisbury and Charlie Newie.

    When they head to Blackpool to visit B&B veterans Craig and Alec Coleman at Edenfield Guesthouse, tensions in the group begin to surface, and finally boil over at the last B&B, The New Inn at Portland in Dorset, run by Spencer and Stacey Tulum, where harsh words are exchanged.

  • Episode 3 - From The Old Stables to Dent Station

    The competition kicks off in Minehead where, at The Old Stables B&B, owners Nina and Andy Dodd hope to impress with their Nordic-styled rooms.

    But nothing can prepare them for the five-star offering at Rigsby's Guesthouse in Hertford, managed by Morris Cockman, where frictions amongst the B&B-ers start to surface.

    When they all head to Blackpool to stay with Erica and David Hensley at The Fairway, David jeopardises the visit with his absence at breakfast.

    At the final B&B, Dent Station in Cumbria run by Robin Hughes, Morris makes an alarming discovery.

  • Episode 4 - From The Black Lion to The Big Bear Ldge

    Things get underway in East Sussex where Nigel Fright runs the Black Lion at Halland. Tensions immediately surface between Nigel and the second hosts of the week, Ken Clutterbuck, and housekeeper Ginny Trow, who run The Wheatsheaf in Exning.

    Things continue to escalate between Ken and Nigel at the second visit but when the guests head to Merseyside to stay with Cheryl Casey and her daughter-in-law Hayley Cotton at The Sherwood Guesthouse, the focus is on the very nervous and tearful Cheryl.

    The final B&B is The Big Bear Lodge in Shropshire, run by Mark and Rachel Dann.

  • Episode 5 - From One4 to the Alexandra Hotel

    Things get underway in Cheltenham, where Nick Purchase runs the One4 Boutique Hotel. His four-star gold rooms may impress but nothing can prepare the guests for the décor at Dave Golding and Gloria Barnett's Windy Bottom B&B in Maidstone.

    Tensions mount, as the stay is not a breeze for everyone.

    When the guests head to Bolton to stay at The Jolly Carter with Phil and Angie Sutcliffe, it's Angie's hosting style that leaves some far from jolly.

    The final B&B is The Alexandra Hotel in Llandudno, run by minister John Humberstone. It may be a work in progress, but John's rooms leave the guests wanting more.

  • Episode 6 - From the Golf House to

    The competition tees off at the Golf House on the Isle of Wight, owned by John and Sue Blakemore.

    Next it's Nick and Layla's turn to host at The New Inn in St John's Wood in London. Most guests are impressed, but John and Sue are left cold by their 'corporate and impersonal' room.

    The third visit is to the Bunkroom hostel in Chester where David Sharrock is determined to prove hostelling is for everybody, even if his wife Victoria isn't convinced.

    The last visit of the week is to The B and B Blackpool, where owner John is a B&B rookie.

  • Episode 7 - Ye Olde Fighting Cocks to The Elgin Hotel

    B&B newbies Tony Keates and Jeanette Hamer are first to host, at Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in Arnside in Cumbria. Their guests are captivated by the view, but fellow B&Ber Garry Lloyd is less taken by what he thinks is mould on his mattress.

    Next to host is Dr Stephen Stanley-Little, owner of Westward Cottage in Hadleigh in Suffolk. While Avril Berry and Alan Fraser are thrilled by its quirky appeal, business-minded couple Tony and Jeannette don't like the standards of cleanliness and decide to roll up their sleeves and take urgent action.

    The third hosts are bohemian couple Avril and Alan who own Roulotte Retreat in Melrose, in the Scottish Borders.

    The final visit is to The Elgin Hotel in Blackpool where manager Garry LLoyd and owner's daughter Sophie Seddon want to show their 89 room establishment can deliver the personal touch.

  • Episode 8 - From The Shelley Guesthouse to The George Hotel

    The competition kicks off in Aberystwyth, Wales, where keen owners Julian and Anna Maria Shelley run the Shelley Guest House. Their guests though are less than enthusiastic about the noisy pipes and continental breakfast.

    Next up is John and Sharyn Snell's five-star Ixworth House in Bury St Edmunds. Everything here is immaculate until there's a breakfast breakdown.

    The B&Bers then head to Graham Smith's Georgian House and Mews in York where there are Viking battle cries and a gossiping guest.

    The last stop is the George Hotel in Orton, Cumbria, where owner Hazel McAleese reveals her love of the lucre but is then forced to face some home truths.

  • Episode 9 - From Angel Inn to the Clarendon Royal Hotel

    At the Angel Inn, Wangford, Suffolk, Kiwi couple Peter and Christine White offer up some down-under hospitality.

    Next is Moap's Farm in Danehill, East Sussex, where Lesley Miller has a laissez-faire approach to cleaning, cooking and accommodation.

    The competitors then head to Jabajak in Carmarthenshire, Wales. Here sisters Lorraine Lloyd and Amanda Stuart-Robson run a tight ship until they try sheep herding for their afternoon activity.

    The last visit is to Gravesend, Kent, where the Clarendon Royal Hotel, where Les Woollends plans a fun afternoon of cocktails.

  • Episode 10 - From Union Inn to Elysian Fields

    The competition begins at the Union Inn in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. The guests then head across the island to Shanklin where Andy Stein and Jo Rachy run the Shoreside Inn. A heated argument breaks out during the afternoon and breakfast leaves them cold.

    The third visit is to Raj's Kirribilli Guesthouse in Newquay, Cornwall. Last is the Elysian Fields B&B in Helston, Cornwall where Jackie Burchell showers her guests with gifts including personalised lollies.

  • Episode 11 - From Hazel's Roost to Pearfield

    Hazel's Roost in Bainbridge, Yorkshire, goes first, with Millie Bussey trying to impress her guests with some breakfast magic.

    At Rhandregynwen Hall in Llanymynech, Wales, the guests go buggy racing. The third visit is to the Smart and Simple Hotel in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, managed by fake tan enthusiast Simon Colbran. During dinner, one guest unwittingly insults another, who vows revenge.

    The last stop is to Pearfield - Cathy Robinson's B&B in Petersfield, West Sussex. Here the homely vibe isn't well received by everyone.

  • Episode 12 - From Avenue Hotel to One 4 Two

    The Avenue Hotel in Brockhall, Lancashire, is first to host, with Margaret Lofthouse and Janet Sutton banking on their northern charm appeasing any disgruntled guests.

    In Penrith, Cumbria, Mary and Graham Walker run the Llamas Pyjamas, with their love of llamas extending to themed sleeping quarters.

    At the Kallacliff in Newquay, Cornwall, newbies Liz Hall and Colin Eadie are still learning the B&B business, and the final B&B is the One 4 Two in Bude, Cornwall - a £230-a-night love nest set up by Kathy Lawrence.

  • Episode 13 - From Edenmore Guest House to The George and Dragon

    The Edenmore Guest House in Ardrossan, Scotland, is first to host, with owner Hugh Begbie suffering negative feedback about his B&B's exterior, while party-loving landlords Ian and Elle Betchley take a quick dislike to Andrew and Jeanette Collette.

    The second visit is to Diane Lowe's Grassington Lodge in Yorkshire, where Hugh Begbie find's Diane's establishment too snobby.

    Tensions rise at Manor Farm in Oxfordshire, with Ian and Elle comparing staying at Andrew and Jeanette Collette's B&B to a trip to your 'mother-in-law'.

    At the final B&B, the George and Dragon in Buckinghamshire, tears flow at dinner.

  • Episode 14 - From 20 Albany Street to Wolds Village

    The competition begins in Edinburgh at 20 Albany Street, run by Denise Walker.

    The second visit is to Tom and Angela Walker's Highland Guest House in Callandar, Scotland, where after a testing afternoon of highland dancing, battle lines are drawn.

    In Skegness, at Kath Milward's Fairfax Hotel, the guests are left shocked by her early departure at dinner.

    At Wolds Village in Yorkshire owners Chris and Sally Brealey are left fuming after getting mixed feedback.

  • Episode 15 - From Langsmeade Guesthouse to Five Bells

    In Thame, Oxfordshire, at Langsmeade Guesthouse Marianne Aben and housekeeper Fran Birchwood are both pleased and bemused with their guests' feedback.

    The second visit is to family run Stratford House in Stratford-upon-Avon, where some guests aren't impressed with hosts Natasha and Dai Pollock's children being present at breakfast.

    At the Edmund Guest House in Deal, Kent, tensions rise between Mark Genders and hosts Michael and Lorna Prime.

    The strain on the group is magnified on the final visit to the Five Bells in Berkshire, when Michael and Lorna are underwhelmed by Mark Genders pub B&B.

  • Episode 16 - From Trecarne House to A Room with a View

    The competition kicks off in Liskeard, Cornwall at Trecarne House with hosts Trish and Tom Brock-Morgan.

    The second visit is to the B&B boat the Magna Carta in Windsor run by Captain Dominic Read.

    Trish and Rayne's tea-tray feud continues at Ash Cottage in Kent.

    The final visit is to A Room with a View in Brighton owned by Stephen Bull.

  • Episode 17 - From Nateby Inn to Ammonite Lodge

    At the Nateby Inn in Nateby, Cumbria, Gaynor Walker hopes her immaculate rooms and northern charm will impress her guests.

    The B&Bers then head to Outfields Farm in Bedfordshire where Graham and Julia Ashley have a surprise for their fellow competitors.

    The third visit is to At Home B&B in Chiswick, west London, where artist Bob Osborne's irreverent attitude and casual approach to cleanliness causes confusion.

    The last stop is to the Ammonite Lodge Guest House in Chard, Somerset.

  • Episode 18 - From Abbey House to the Old Farmhouse

    At the Abbey House in Penrith, Cumbria, Ian and Samantha Sugden pride themselves on their simple but scrupulously clean rooms.

    The rivals then travel to Compton House in Newark, Nottinghamshire, where sisters Lisa Holloway and Becky Waltman offer antique filled rooms and five-star breakfasts.

    The third visit is to the White Horse Inn in Ripon, Yorkshire managed by Dave and Jo Bate. Their basic rooms and pub breakfasts don't impress though.

    Last is the Old Farmhouse, Chester, run by retired teachers Ed and Jane Mitchell.

  • Episode 19 - From Knockaloe Beg Farm to Sheepy Lodge

    The competition begins at Knockaloe Beg Farm in Peel on the Isle of Man. Here John and Fiona Anderson treat their guests to laser games, a trip around their farm and local produce.

    The guests then head across the island to Port Erin where Phil Routledge runs the Arches B&B.

    The third visit is to Robbie and John Welling's The Trafford Hotel in Blackpool.

    Last is Sheepy Lodge in Sheepy Magna, Warwickshire, where Julie Brogan brought up her family and now entertains paying guests.

  • Episode 20 - From Dunsandles Guesthouse to Heyford House

    The competition begins in New Brighton, Merseyside, where Andy Johnson and Dave Owen run Dunsandles Guesthouse.

    The guests then head to the waterways of Lancashire to board the Lady Teal Hotel Boat owned by Nick and Gina Mead.

    The third visit is to Brock Burgius' York House B&B in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

    Finally the B&Bers visit Heyford House in Lower Heyford, Oxfordshire, run by Sonya and Leo Brooke-Little.

Four in a Bed synopsis

B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

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