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B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

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B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

Series 4 Summary

The battle is on as four very different B&B owners take turns to host each other and compete to be named the best value for money.

  • Episode 1 - Knock Castle

    The first to host are father and son Chic and Jason Henderson, who welcome their fellow competitors to Knock Castle in Crieff, Scotland.

    Their rivals are generally knocked for six by the castle, but the rooms fall short for tech-heads Graham and Lisa Ellis and there's a 'pointed issue' in Ben Turpitt and Keri Remes' boudoir.

  • Episode 2 - Barton House

    Jo McDonagh runs Barton House in Blackpool with daughter George.

    While some of the guests are pleased at how well connected their room is, for others there's a bit of a sniffy issue to be resolved.

    Later there are high notes when Jo and George and their guests have a sing off, but bum notes at dinner when father and son duo Chic and Jason Henderson decide to put fellow guest Keri on the spot.

  • Episode 3 - Well House Manor

    Opening the door this time is Well House Manor in Melksham, Wiltshire, where computer trainers Graham and Lisa Ellis mix IT with B&B - a combination that on arrival leaves Chic and Jason feeling more like delegates than guests.

    Graham takes the guests on a historical tour of Melksham, otherwise known as the 'town of milk'. At dinner, questions get too personal for some of the guests, and the result is a swift exit for some next morning.

  • Episode 4 - Apple Wood Glamping

    It's the last day of the competition and the turn of best buddies Ben Turpitt and Keri Remes and their Apple Wood Glamping in Worcestershire.

    Unfortunately some of the guests are not quite ready for glamorous camping - or a night in a tent as some people call it. Over dinner the group reveal what they really think of each other; and by morning there's still a chill in the air as a result.

  • Episode 5 - Payment Day

    It's decision day for the four proud B&B owners who've been battling all week to be named the best value for money. The group meet for the final time to find out what they've been paid and to settle any scores.

    And emotions run high when Jo from Blackpool discovers that her harshest critic was the one she considered her closest ally. As the cash is counted the winner is revealed.

  • Episode 6 - Yellow Submarine

    The latest competition kicks off at the Yellow Submarine in Liverpool, where hosts Alfie Bubble and celebrity Philip Olivier offer guests a floating, Beatles-themed experience.

    The guests find Phil's pin up calendar in their quarters before heading off on a sea voyage, where Megan becomes sea sick.

    Next morning there are great expectations for Phil and Alfie's breakfast but it turns into a comedy of errors starring a fire alarm.

  • Episode 7 - Manor Lodge

    Megan and Dick try to make the guests feel at home at their B&B in Cornwall.

    Things get off to a positive start, when the guests find the rooms spotless.

    Later on Megan drops a bombshell about her posh background, while Dick's eight inch Cumberland sausage causes quite a stir among the guests at breakfast.

  • Episode 8 - Ashculme House

    James and Judith Calderbank welcome their guests to their very rural B&B in Devon. But the back-to-basics approach doesn't go down well with all the guests.

  • Episode 9 - Satis House

    The final B&B of the week is Satis House in Suffolk, where Kevin Wainwright and partner David Little think Satis-faction's guaranteed. But is their breakfast bacon too crispy?

  • Episode 10 - Payment Day

    The B&Bers come together one last time to find out what they've been paid and confront their critics head on.

    Alfie and rival owner Megan get into a debate about Alfie's fast food breakfast and Megan wants to know why Alife thought it necessary to use a hairdryer to heat up his room.

    And David and Kevin get teary eyed as they realise they misjudged Alfie and Phil.

  • Episode 11 - Taylor's Farm Retreat

    The latest B&B competition kicks off at Taylor's Farm Retreat in Surrey, where host Ben Turner offers farmyard frolics of an unexpected nature.

  • Episode 12 - G! Boutique

    The competition moves to the G! Boutique in Southsea, owned by first time B&Bers Eli and Jason, where the guests are blown away by the swank on display.

  • Episode 13 - Amber Guest House

    An afternoon of fairground fun turns a bit fighty in Cleethorpes. And some harsh feedback leaves the host Gill feeling a bit sad.

  • Episode 14 - Knife and Cleaver

    Experienced B&B partners Graham and Terry are out to win at the Knife and Cleaver in Bedfordshire. But there's trouble brewing over the breakfast sausages and toast.

  • Episode 15 - Payment Day

    The B&B owners gather for the final time to air their grievances, face their critics and discover what they've been paid. With patience tested and opinions divided, it's a feisty end as the winner is revealed.

  • Episode 16 - Wizards Thatch

    The new competition starts in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, where hosts Ian Lambert and his partner Ali Imiolek hope to cast a spell over the competition at their B&B Wizards Thatch.

    But will Ian and Ali's continental breakfast basket be their downfall?

  • Episode 17 - The Winterbourne Hotel

    Partners James Reay and Simon Dooley run the one-star Winterbourne Hotel and Theatre Showbar in Blackpool. For well-heeled couple Dominic and Stephanie a trip to low-budget Blackpool is uncharted territory, but they take it in their stride and even go along with with the nightly cabaret show.

    Ian Lambert and Ali Imiolek are relieved to be able to let their hair down, and it seems there's a clean sweep of happy campers. But Andrea and Nick's feedback is enough to send James storming out of the room in a fit of rage.

  • Episode 18 - Northrise Lodge

    The latest B&B is Northrise Lodge in Hastings, run by self-confessed perfectionist and cleaning fanatic Andrea Hickmott and her partner Nick Bonner-Williams. While some of the guests find their room too 'clinical' to relax in, Andrea has a meltdown after forgetting to put sugar on the table at breakfast.

  • Episode 19 - The Salutation

    The competition moves to Sandwich, where owners Stephanie and Dominic Parker pride themselves on giving guests a taste of the luxury lifestyle.

    But over some champagne-fuelled parlour games it's clear that while everyone loves the digs, two of the couples aren't digging each other.

  • Episode 20 - Payment Day

    It's decision day as the four sets of B&B owners meet for the final time to settle some scores and discover what they've been paid. And could there be a wedding proposal too?

  • Four in a Bed

    Episode 21 - Windmill Cottage

    First to host is Windmill Cottage in Shropshire, owned by Lorraine Trasatti and her Italian husband Gino.

    Over an afternoon of gingerbread decorating, no-nonsense fellow guest Toni Del Mar is soon irritated by Louis and his incessant commentary.

    And next morning a nervous Lorraine makes a hash of the coffee, leaving the guests parched.

  • Four in a Bed

    Episode 22 - The Royal Sportsman

    An afternoon of Welsh slate splitting sets off a battle of the sexes between alpha male Gino and tomboy Karen at the Royal Sportsman Hotel in Porthmadog.

  • Four in a Bed

    Episode 23 - The Duke of Cornwall

    The latest visit is to the Duke of Cornwall in St Austell, where hosts Debbie Williams and Karen Lucas urge their guests to take part in a séance as they think the B&B is haunted.

  • Four in a Bed

    Episode 24 - Appalachian Spring

    B&B newbie Toni Del Mar, in Devon, is the latest to host, With tensions already rife in the group, Toni's hosting skills are put to the test. Will morris dancing help?

  • Four in a Bed: Chic and Jason Henderson

    Episode 25 - Payment Day

    It's time for the B&Bers to face the music, as they come together to find out what they've been paid and confront their critics head on. The points for discussion range from excessive displays of affection in public to a dictionary-waving lecture on the definition of luxury.

  • Episode 26 - Hamlet House

    B&B veteran Paul Workman is the no-nonsense owner of Hamlet House in Stratford-upon-Avon, where moany guests are given short shrift.

    Paul makes the most of the Shakespeare connection by taking his guests to perform some of the Bard's best bits.

    He serves potato smiles for breakfast but loses his cool when a hair is found in the mushrooms.

  • Episode 27 - Ashlack

    Second to host are B&B newbies Ben Gray and Katie Keegan in Cumbria. The guests are wowed by the rooms in the 16th-century manor house.

    But Veronica and Saida are ushered out to a yurt in the woods. The prospect of the midnight hop to the loos fills them with dread and they make their yurt feelings perfectly clear on check-out.

  • Episode 28 - The Richwood

    Partners Veronica Pickles and Saida Hammoud run their 13-room guest house in Torquay almost entirely alone. Their Herculean efforts are praised by their rivals, but the dated décor does not go unnoticed.

    The hosts give their guests a crash course in belly dancing, and a feast of Lebanese delicacies.

  • Episode 29 - Tai'r Bull Inn

    At Helen Fraser's Tai'r Bull Inn in the Brecon Beacons, Saida and Veronica make a discovery in their room that leaves them refusing to stay the night.

  • Episode 30 - Payment Day

    The rival owners come together for the final time, to discover what they've been paid and settle some scores. A huge clash between two of the hosts ensues.

  • Episode 31 - Cherry Tree House

    The latest competition begins at Cherry Tree House in Blackpool, run by Robert Fox and his partner Kevin, where an afternoon learning clown skills sees a North-South divide develop within the group.

  • Episode 32 - Old Hall Inn

    Lucy and Caroline make a mysterious, toe-curling discovery in their bathroom at the Old Hall Inn in Yorkshire, run by Andy and Caroline Middleton. And an afternoon's angling leaves George and Juliet reeling as they fail to catch a fish.

  • Episode 33 - Pilot Boat Inn

    The competition reconvenes at the nautical Pilot Boat Inn on the Isle of Wight, run by George and Juliet Bristow. On arrival the guests are amazed by the building, but for some the rooms aren't quite shipshape, as Lucy and Caroline find cobwebs, and Kevin and Robert reckon they've been put in a cupboard.

  • Episode 34 - Rutland Terrace

    The guests at Lucy Roe's B&B are delighted with the elegant décor, but George and Juliet bemoan the lack of en-suite bathroom, and Kevin and Robert are horrified by the state of their mattress.

  • Episode 35 - Payment Day

    It's time for the B&Bers to face the music, as they come together for one last time to find out what they've been paid and confront their critics face to face.

  • Episode 36 - Glenferndale

    Maggie and Ian Dickson's home-from-home at Glenferndale B&B near Edinburgh is where the latest competition begins as they host Eileen and Jannika Hopeakoski, Craig and Marie Harris and Kristin Grantham.

  • Episode 37 - Pitlessie House

    The second B&B is Pitlessie House in Fife, Scotland. Owner Kristin Grantham's slipper policy gets things off on the wrong foot, but her bagpipe playing competition is a hit.

  • Episode 38 - Sea-La-Vie

    Mother and daughter team Eileen and Jannika Hopeakoski open their doors at Sea-La-Vie for the third visit, and the guests think the stylish rooms are a fine vintage.

  • Episode 39 - The Peaks Inn

    It's the fourth and final B&B of the week, and the hosts are publicans Craig and Marie Harris of The Peaks Inn, Derbyshire. Some guests are underwhelmed both by the place and the activity.

  • Episode 40 - Payment Day

    It's feedback time, and the rival owners meet to find out what they've been paid. Some are ready for a fight and are disarmed by one owner's plan to 'kill with kindness'.

Four in a Bed synopsis

B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

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