Four in a Bed

    • Episode 60 - Payment Day

      Sharon Brown and Norrie Ramsay of Ramsay's B&B kick-off the feedback session by challenging the sniffy response from the owners of The Fieldhead Hotel

    • Episode 59 - The Fieldhead Hotel

      The final visit in this competition is to The Fieldhead Hotel in Cornwall, where owners Julian and Gill Peck pride themselves on their attention to detail and 'five-star service'.

    • Episode 58 - Lincoln Yurts

      Darren Bell and Katherine Taylor take their guests glamping at Lincoln Yurts. While some furry creatures may be returning guests, will anyone else choose to stay again?

    • Episode 57 - Fifteens of Swinley

      Second host is entrepreneur Tony Callaghan at Fifteens of Swinley in Wigan. All doesn't go to plan, though, and Tony identifies some 'snakes in the grass'.

    • Episode 56 - Ramsay's

      Hosts Sharon Brown and Norrie Ramsay offer guests a `home from home' at their Ramsay's B&B in Edinburgh, and after an afternoon of haggis stuffing, the group sit down to enjoy their creations

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      Episode 55 - Payment Day

      It's judgement day for the B&B owners as they discover who wins as the week's best-value establishment. As tensions run high, it falls to final hosts Ed and Rachel to reveal the winner.

      This episode is subtitled23 mins
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      Episode 54 - Tollemache Arms

      The final B&B of the week is the Tollemache Arms in Cheshire, where 24-year-old all-round performer Edward Prophet and his fiancee Rachel Pickup like to add some showbiz razzmatazz.

      This episode is subtitled24 mins
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      Episode 53 - Bryn Woodlands House

      Gordon and Sandra McCallum run Bryn Woodlands House in Colwyn Bay and take their guests harness racing. But how will one guest react to finding a snake in his bed?