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B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

About the Show

B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

Series 3 Summary

A new series of the show in which B&B owners take turns to stay with one another as they compete to see who provides the best value for money.

  • Episode 1 - De-Lovely

    Episode 1 - De-Lovely

    The new series starts at the De-Lovely in Blackpool, where couple Stevie and Leigh offer the perfect marriage of 'burlesque and bacon'.

  • Episode 2 - The Sandhurst Hotel

    Episode 2 - The Sandhurst Hotel

    Second to host is Rowena Moore from The Sandhurst Hotel in Cheshire, where guests step back in time to the Edwardian era. But John and Debbie think the avocado bathroom dates from the 70s.

  • Episode 3 - Red Box Guest House

    Episode 3 - Red Box Guest House

    Latest to host is Julie-Anne Barrow, who runs the no-frills Red Box Guest House from her family home in Chippenham. As Julie-Anne predicts, the shared bathroom causes a stink.

  • Episode 4 - Friary Wood

    Episode 4 - Friary Wood

    The last to host are John and Debbie from Friary Wood near Bath, who are hoping to impress with their luxurious home, spacious en-suite rooms, and an afternoon course in making cocktails

  • Episode 5 - Payment Day

    Episode 5 - Payment Day

    The B&B owners meet to air their grievances, answer their critics and finally discover what they've been paid. There will be tears, recriminations and a dramatic walkout.

  • Episode 6 - Les Chimeres

    The competition moves to France, where four sets of Brits compete for best value B&B. Lisanne Ashton, who runs the rustic rural Les Chimeres, takes her guests on a traditional truffle hunt.

  • Episode 7 - Le Manoir

    The second host in France is eccentric royalist Tony Horton and his Armenian wife Shou Shou, who provide an unusual mix of vinegar tasting and royal regalia at Le Manoir in the Dordogne

  • Episode 8 - Le Clos Rabelais

    Shaun Baggs and Patrick Weaver, who run Le Clos Rabelais, take their guests to a traditional French dance class. But George and Linda are becoming increasingly frustrated with Francophile Lisanne...

  • Episode 9 - Moulin de la Civiere

    Proud Brit George McGill and his wife Linda offer their guests 'a little slice of England' at the Moulin de la Civiere. But one guest uses one of George's prize Victorian potties in the night...

  • Episode 10 - Payment Day

    It's judgement day in France, and the group meet for the final time to settle some scores and find out what they've been paid

  • Episode 11 - Fountain's Court Holistic Health Hotel

    At Fountain's Court Holistic Health Hotel in Scarborough, Helen Marriott treats her guests to essential breathing lessons, a dip in the hot tub, and a foot massage that gets in touch with their souls

  • Episode 12 - The Whittington and Cat

    Sue Perkins opens her doors to her B&B that's also a pub. The guests enjoy an afternoon of ice hockey. But over dinner there's much debate about what Sue's 'can't-be-arsed breakfast' might amount to.

  • Episode 13 - The Saba Hotel

    Khurram Saba's guests at his Saba Hotel in London are expecting big city chic, exotic food, and definitely not fish and chips for dinner. To make matters worse, there's confusion about breakfast.

  • Episode 14 - The Bower Inn

    It's the final visit of the contest, hosted by Candida Leaver and Peter Starling of The Bower Inn in Bridgwater, where the group activity is willow weaving

  • Episode 15 - Payment Day

    It's payment day. The B&B owners air their grievances, challenge their critics and find out how much they've been paid. Tears, recriminations and raised voices feature in a turbulent end to the week.

  • Episode 16 - Vista Del Torcal

    In Spain, British ex-pats battle for the title of best value B&B. At Vista Del Torcal in the Andalucian mountains, Ben Eyre and Anna Chalu welcome their guests, who are impressed by their rooms.

  • Episode 17 - Hotel La Tartana

    Jed and Mandy Filmer host at their hotel on the Costa Tropicale. Mandy organises a cookery class for the group, but one of the guests is a qualified chef... And another guest makes a shock revelation.

  • Episode 18 - The Queens Hotel

    The guests aren't impressed by the level of cleanliness at Julia Grant's hotel in Benidorm. They all participate in the nightly drag revue, but some of the feedback leaves Julia fuming.

  • Episode 19 - Almond Tree Villa

    Alastair Smith and Martyn Watson host at the gay-friendly and clothing-optional Almond Tree Villa near Lorca. But olive picking, rather than skinny dipping, is on the agenda for the day's activity.

  • Episode 20 - Payment Day

    With quite a lot of resentment, the B&B owners have their final chance to question their critics and find out what they've been paid and who has won

  • Episode 21 - The Kings Head and Queens Jules

    Tim and Jules Anderson offer their guests a 21st-century party in a 17th-century building, including a knees-up and karaoke. But guests Gordon and Blossom prefer an early night.

  • Episode 22 - Hotel Continental

    Poetry and erotic art are all part of the fun during this stay in Harwich at Gordon and Blossom Hoyles' B&B.

  • Episode 23 - Llanerch Vineyard

    Ryan Davies has to cope with an unwelcome crisis at his five-star B&B in South Wales. He still manages to impress, but Gordon and Blossom are on a fault-finding mission...

  • Episode 24 - Whitehall Hotel

    After touring a paint factory and clashing over previous feedback, guests at Neil and Tracy's Whitehall Hotel in Lancashire end their stay in stony silence over breakfast.

  • Episode 25 - Payment Day

    Conflict continues as the competitors meet for the last time to confront their critics and find out what they've been paid. Who will walk away with the prize?

  • Episode 26 - Oakfield Lodge Guest House

    Mother and son Lorraine and Spencer Birtwistle host at their guest house near the Peak District. Things get off to a racing start with some Scalextric, but Spencer overindulges on the wine at dinner.

  • Episode 27 - Aphrodites Boutique Hotel

    Will and Lynn Howarth are sure they have something for everyone at their pool and spa hotel in the Lake District. But Spencer and Lorraine aren't happy that there are no twin rooms available.

  • Episode 28 - Orme Court Hotel

    Paul and Jeanette Smith's traditional Orme Court Hotel in Llandudno causes a set of mixed reviews as a string of 'petty' criticisms upset the hosts

  • Episode 29 - Fallowfield Hotel and Restaurant

    An afternoon of falconry and a seven-course taster menu impress the guests at Anthony and Peta Lloyd's accomodation in Oxfordshire. But final feedback is mixed.

  • Episode 30 - Payment Day

    An eventful week ends with tears and recriminations as the four sets of B&B owners find out what they've been paid and who won the week's competition.

  • Episode 31 - Sea Verge Hotel

    The battle to be Britain's best B&B kicks off at the Sea Verge Hotel in Paignton on the English Riviera, where the hosts' home comforts are not to everyone's taste.

  • Episode 32 - Portcullis Hotel

    Next to impress is The Portcullis Hotel in Chipping Sodbury, run by mother and daughter Christine and Jenna Hale, whose late-night karaoke parties leave the guests feeling grumpy

  • Episode 33 - Orchid Hotel

    It's all Balinese, boasting and boxing in this episode as the guests arrive at the Orchid Hotel in Bournemouth, run by entrepreneur Andy Scott

  • Episode 34 - Orles Barn

    Last to host is husband and wife Richard and Kelly Bailey, whose five-star B&B Orles Barn in Ross-On-Wye leaves a lasting impression. But will their luxury rooms be to everyone's taste?

  • Episode 35 - Payment Day

    It's decision day, and four proud B&B owners have some scores to settle before one is crowned the winner

  • Episode 36 - Harmony

    First to host is the musically-themed Harmony B&B in Torquay, where Dutch couple Hans MacDaniel and Monica Van Der Meij hope to wow their guests on the 'English Riviera'

  • Episode 37 - Chimneys

    Flying the flag on day two are Norfolk couple Jenny and Richard Harmer, from Chimneys B&B in North Walsham. Every room at Chimneys is named after a royal palace and has patriotic decor.

  • Episode 38 - The Wordsworth

    Essex girls Bev and Caroline entertain guests at the Wordsworth B&B in Cockermouth, Cumbria. At a spa visit 'up for anything' Dutchman Hans MacDaniel is quick to volunteer for a spray tan.

  • Episode 39 - Park Farm Guest House

    Geordie mother and daughter Leslie and Emily Gray play hosts at the Park Farm Guest House, where tensions over the North/South divide cause sparks to fly

  • Episode 40 - Payment Day

    The B&Bers come together for one last time to find out what they've been paid and confront their critics head on. Tension runs high, but who will be crowned best value B&B of the week?

  • Episode 41 - Foxholm

    Episode 41 - Foxholm

    Friends Julie and Yvonne host at their African-themed B&B in North Yorkshire. Things start sweetly with a cupcake class, but go downhill with disastrous dinner discussions and a botch-job breakfast.

  • Episode 42 - The Pack Horse

    Episode 42 - The Pack Horse

    At Wendy Johnson and John Shields's American diner-themed B&B in Lincolnshire, the guests enjoy an afternoon of horse riding, followed by a not-so-enjoyable 'man versus food' challenge

  • Episode 43 - The Glenwalden Hotel

    Episode 43 - The Glenwalden Hotel

    Steve Reed and his German wife Sigrid surprise their guests at their traditional B&B in Blackpool with pink flock wallpaper and ballroom dancing. But there are suspicions of tactical behaviour...

  • Episode 44 - Winder Hall Country House

    Episode 44 - Winder Hall Country House

    Expectations start high at the five-star Winder Hall Country House B&B in the Lake District, but things soon turn sour when Nick offers a crash course in how a B&B should be run

  • Episode 45 - Payment Day

    Episode 45 - Payment Day

    It's the moment of truth for the B&B owners as they squabble about stolen milk, dusty bathrooms and dirty toilet brushes - and find out who will win best value B&B.

  • Episode 46 - Borrowby Mill

    Episode 46 - Borrowby Mill

    The competition kicks off at Borrowby Mill, near Thirsk, where ex-military man Mike runs a regimented residence alongside wife Amanda Daly.

  • Episode 47 - The Richmond House Hotel

    Episode 47 - The Richmond House Hotel

    Del Cain and Roy Williamson hope to impress with their budget city-centre businessThe Richmond House Hotel in Edinburgh, where stays include a luxury-chocolate making session and Thai dinner.

  • Episode 48 - The Meadowsweet Hotel

    Episode 48 - The Meadowsweet Hotel

    Mary and Nelson Haerr welcome their guests to The Meadowsweet Hotel in Llanrwst, North Wales, where most of the guests are bowled over by their rooms and activities include sheep herding.

  • Episode 49 - Wold View House

    Episode 49 - Wold View House

    Irene Ward-Kendall's Wold View House in Lincolnshire provides a homely welcome for most, and she takes her guests on an old-fashioned steam train ride.

  • Episode 50 - Payment Day

    Episode 50 - Payment Day

    Heated exchanges all around as the B&B hosts find out what they've been paid and finally confront their critics before finding out who is this week's winner.

  • Episode 51 - Langland Road

    First hosts are David Lewis and Giles Beaton at Langland Road in the Mumbles, who take a hi-tech approach to running their B&B.

  • Episode 52 - Castle Lodge Hotel

    Margaret Dugdall runs Castle Lodge Hotel in Felixstowe to exacting standards, but when her daughter Ruth leaves clues in the bedrooms, not all the guests are pleased.

  • Episode 53 - Bryn Woodlands House

    Gordon and Sandra McCallum run Bryn Woodlands House in Colwyn Bay and take their guests harness racing. But how will one guest react to finding a snake in his bed?

  • Episode 54 - Tollemache Arms

    The final B&B of the week is the Tollemache Arms in Cheshire, where 24-year-old all-round performer Edward Prophet and his fiancee Rachel Pickup like to add some showbiz razzmatazz.

  • Episode 55 - Payment Day

    It's judgement day for the B&B owners as they discover who wins as the week's best-value establishment. As tensions run high, it falls to final hosts Ed and Rachel to reveal the winner.

  • Episode 56 - Ramsay's

    Episode 56 - Ramsay's

    Hosts Sharon Brown and Norrie Ramsay offer guests a `home from home' at their Ramsay's B&B in Edinburgh, and after an afternoon of haggis stuffing, the group sit down to enjoy their creations

  • Episode 57 - Fifteens of Swinley

    Episode 57 - Fifteens of Swinley

    Second host is entrepreneur Tony Callaghan at Fifteens of Swinley in Wigan. All doesn't go to plan, though, and Tony identifies some 'snakes in the grass'.

  • Episode 58 - Lincoln Yurts

    Episode 58 - Lincoln Yurts

    Darren Bell and Katherine Taylor take their guests glamping at Lincoln Yurts. While some furry creatures may be returning guests, will anyone else choose to stay again?

  • Episode 59 - The Fieldhead Hotel

    Episode 59 - The Fieldhead Hotel

    The final visit in this competition is to The Fieldhead Hotel in Cornwall, where owners Julian and Gill Peck pride themselves on their attention to detail and 'five-star service'.

  • Episode 60 - Payment Day

    Episode 60 - Payment Day

    Sharon Brown and Norrie Ramsay of Ramsay's B&B kick-off the feedback session by challenging the sniffy response from the owners of The Fieldhead Hotel