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B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

About the Show

B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

Series 2 Summary

Four sets of proud B&B owners compete to see which one provides the best value for money.

  • Episode 1 - Robertsbrook Guesthouse

    Claire Hilton is first to host, at Robertsbrook Guesthouse in Swanage.

    Claire feels she has got more than a sporting chance in the competition. But Claire's first guests Lynn Self and Ziggy Broome are dubious about the cleanliness of their bedroom. Ziggy leaves no stone unturned in his search for dust, even dismantling the bed, before deciding he would rather sleep in the wardrobe.

    Claire's next guests have stayed in a fancy pad or two in their time - with their singing daughter Charlotte Church.

    Later the group don festive costumes for dinner. But talk of the serious business of star ratings creates a tension that continues at breakfast.

  • Episode 2 - Eden Lodge

    Quirky couple Lynn Self and Ziggy Broome hope to impress with their two-star B&B in Falmouth, Cornwall.

    But with two of the guests - Charlotte Church's parents James and Maria Church - already saying that they wouldn't stay anywhere below a four star, it could be an interesting day.

    From the offset the guests are very unimpressed by their surroundings - from peeling wallpaper to a dirty toilet brush.

    At dinner, when James and Maria reveal the truth about their famous daughter, Nicky reveals she used to be Mr Blobby's fan-mail writer

    After an interesting night's sleep, breakfast reduces some of the guests to fits of giggles.

  • Episode 3 - Dexby Townhouse

    Charlotte Church's parents, James and Maria, run Dexby Townhouse in Cardiff. The hosts lay on a day of white-water rafting in tight wetsuits, and some magic tricks courtesy of Maria's young nephew Elliot. But, next morning, some of the guests are kept waiting for their breakfast.

  • Episode 4 - Muddifords Court Country House

    It is the last stay of the competition and the turn of newlyweds Pip Easby and Nicky Lesser-Easby, who run Muddifords Court Country House in Devon.

    While the Churches find their historical four-poster bed a bit small, not all of the guests enjoy the trip to a local glass-blowing factory.

    Over dinner some of the participants say what they think of each other, and during the night James gets cold feet. But despite some disappointing bacon at breakfast, the feedback at check out time the next day leaves the hosts feeling pretty confident.

  • Episode 5 - Payment Day

    There are tears, outrage and arguments as the group meet one last time to find out exactly how much they have been paid by their fellow hoteliers, and to air their grievances face to face.

  • Episode 6 - Gorse Meadow

    First to host this time is Mrs Tee in the New Forest

    Mrs Tee's eccentric ways charm the guests on arrival. But not everyone's room is up to scratch. John and Neil's bathroom window needs fixing and Alistair and Emma Mundell find they are sharing their room with ladybirds, cobwebs and dust.

    Mrs Tee's group activity is a master class in mushrooms master class and her home-cooked dinner also consists of mushrooms.

    At check out time while most of the guests agree that Mrs Tee's rooms just aren't up to standard, Alistair and Emma are the toughest critics.

  • Episode 7 - Castle Hill Guesthouse

    It's Alistair and Emma Mundell's turn to host in sleepy Lynton, North Devon at their four-star premises which only opened three months ago.

    The B&B newbies are desperate to impress with their recently renovated rooms. The accommodation proves a winner with Mark and Fee and John and Neil, but Mrs Tee is proving more difficult to please.

    Later a ride on the Victorian cliff railway from Lynton to Lynmouth proves hard for two of their guests who are afraid of heights.

    Over dinner John and Neil reveal their B&B is in Blackpool - a town which which Alistair confesses is his `worst nightmare'.

    In the morning Mrs Tee says she didn't sleep because of traffic noise and is so critical of the cooked breakfast the other guests are reduced to hysterics.

  • Episode 8 - Vidella

    The competition heads north to Blackpool, where fun-loving pranksters John and Neil have hatched a plan to pay back Alistair for being a self-confessed Blackpool-hater.

    The fun continues at activity time as Neil appears in drag and leads the group to Funny Girls drag cabaret bar. Mark confesses he has never had such a surreal time, and even Alistair gets into the groove.

    Back at the Vidella the boys cook dinner providing a special blow-up guest to keep Mark company in the absence of his wife.

    Come the morning and Mrs Tee has had another bad nights sleep and again criticises breakfast.

    Plus there's yet another prank from the hosts - this time with a plastic egg.

  • Episode 9 - Urban Beach

    For the final visit the group checks into Mark Crib's boutique B&B in Bournemouth.

    With top prices of £170 the chic rooms come with all mod cons and super deluxe bathrooms.

    The afternoon's activity is a speedboat ride along the Jurassic coast. All the guests approve - even Mrs Tee is full of praise. And after some initial uncertainty Mrs Tee also declares the following morning's breakfast to be `excellent'.

  • Episode 10 - Payment Day

    The hosts meet for one last time to find out what they've been paid and to thrash out their differences.

    There's soon trouble as Mrs Tee finds out that it¿s Alistair and Emma who scored her only one lowly point for cleanliness.

    The confrontation continues when the roles are reversed with a heated exchange resulting in a walk out.

  • Episode 11 - Derwent House

    First to host are exuberant Jon Shorrock and his wife Julia, who run the four-star B&B Derwent House in West Sussex. As the guests take a quiet gander at their rooms, Andy and Julian have concerns over their carpeted bathroom, worrying it could hide alien hair.

    Once they've settled in, Jon and Julia split the group up by gender for a glimpse of the local area. While the boys fire machine guns at the local shooting range, the girls head off for an afternoon of relaxation at the local spa.

    Before dinner Peter makes an abortive attempt to have a shower, failing to get any hot water; a point he makes to Jon over dinner. Looking over their feedback forms, the hosts are a little taken aback by Pete's complaints over the shower, so Julia vows to toughen up.

  • Episode 12 - Kirkby Park B&B

    Today's hosts are soul mates Peter and Sharron Sorsky, who share the warmth of their Liverpool home with this week's guests.

    On arrival at Kirkby Park B&B, via the industrial estate, Annette is immediately on her guard after noting the CCTV camera on the outside of the house. Things don't get much better during the room inspection, as guests find dust, curly hair, unspecified dirt, stains and a hole in the wall.

    Peter and Sharron have got a surprise package in store for their guests to see a part of Liverpool they would never expect: its wildlife. A tour of Knowsley Safari Park, provides a chance for the guests to monkey about. All that fun means things get a little sweaty in the back of the Land Rover, so it's back to the B&B for a shower... which is easier said than done, as the Kirkby shower rota proves fallible.

    Still, at least Peter and Sharron have lined up one of their favourite restaurants for their guest's pleasure: an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet.

  • Episode 13 - Plas Dinas Country House

    It's Andy and Julian Banner-Price's turn to host the competition at their swanky Plas Dinas Country House in Snowdonia, where they've allocated their guests their priciest rooms, costing between £190 and £250 per night.

    Peter and Sharron arrive in North Wales still reeling from receiving their own feedback forms, and immediately begin finding fault with seemingly every aspect of their room, particularly the antique furniture.

    A visit to the local slate museum provides a chance for the B&B owners to wash bedding the old fashioned way, and far from being a busman's holiday, it proves an unexpected hit. When it comes to the feedback forms Andy and Julian identify the chief complainers as the Sorskys.

  • Episode 14 - Hazelwood Farm

    The final B&B of the week is Annette McAnespie's Hazelwood Farm in Crake, Yorkshire. Annette is a one-woman whirlwind, as she cleans and cooks everything herself in her four-star silver B&B and also provides extra touches such as homemade biscuits in each room.

    Most initial impressions are favourable. After settling in, hyperactive Annette has lined up her idea of fun for her guests: a cycling tour. However, not everyone feels up to it, so Peter, Jon and Julia head off to a local craft centre to make mosaics. Over the paper and glue, Peter and Jon begin to bond for the first time all week, although Jon could just be enjoying the audience. Meanwhile, the cyclists have a lovely time when they find their picnic spot in a lay-by.

    In the hotelier's final breakfast send off, one-woman team Annette makes hosting look easy, as she cooks and serves all the breakfasts herself with fresh local produce. Julia's only criticism is that she'd have preferred a sausage with 'more girth'.

  • Episode 15 - Payment Day

    The group return to final host Annette's Hazelwood farm for one last meeting to discover how much they've been paid and to have the chance to defend their comments and their B&Bs, before the winner is revealed.

    After quite a few tissues, Annette gets down to announcing the winners and the losers. It's been a week of waterworks, tall tales and breakfast scrambles, but who is going to end up with the final prize? And with the competition over, will anyone want to see each other again?

  • Episode 16 - The PitStop

    Melvyn and Sindy start the latest competition at their B&B the Pitstop in Hertfordshire. But their guests are dubious about the satin sheets and the DIY breakfast.

    The Pitstop is a Morgan sports-car-themed B&B. However, the absence of tea and coffee in the rooms, and the presence of the odd cobweb causes a raised eyebrow or two. Unfortunately, Melvyn's after-dinner monologue about his darling Morgan sports cars does not go down well either.

  • Episode 17 - The Victory at Mersea

    Corporate couple Gill and Peter Tydie host at their four-star in Essex, which features 26 staff to organise the bar, restaurant and accommodation.

    On a trip to a local fishery Wayne's behaviour once again proves irritating to some of the others. Melvyn finds a hole in the bed sheet. And following some spilt coffee over breakfast and a fairly unsuccessful send-off, Gill and Peter are left feeling a lot less confident of victory.

  • Episode 18 - Butterfly Paragliding B&B

    It's Dave 'Butterfly' Botha's turn to host, at his two-star establishment on the Isle of Wight. Tension builds from the outset as Wayne and Deborah discover that they'll be spending the night in one of the tepees in the garden... with an outdoor toilet.

    Dave's ace in the hole is paragliding lessons, which brings the group back together through the art of flight. Dave opts for a BBQ dinner - despite the freezing weather. After a restless night's sleep in their tepee Wayne and Deborah claim they have been served watery eggs and rubbery sausages for breakfast. How will the ever-positive host take the criticism?

  • Episode 19 - Braddon Hall

    Deborah Morrison and Wayne Bingham open their doors in Torquay, where a game of archery causes allegations of unfair play to fly.

    While Melvyn and Sindy are curious to know if the chandelier's sturdy enough to do some swinging, Gill and Pete are concerned over the mismatching type-faces on the in-room brochure, which is apparently a cardinal B&B sin. At dinner time the competitors' true feelings surface - with accusations of incoherent branding and imperfect websites.

  • Episode 20 - Payment Day

    The B&B owners gather to find out how much they've been paid, and to reveal the winner.

    Melvyn and Sindy interrogate their guests over the criticism in their feedback. Gill and Peter from the Victory bristle at the negative feedback and two underpayments. Butterfly Dave gets in a flap over a series of large underpayments. And Wayne and Deborah's payments leave the competition result in the balance.

  • Episode 21 - The Old Hall Country House

    Simon White and friend and neighbour Shirley Boyle are first to host, in the picturesque village of Madeley, in Cheshire.

    On arrival, most of the guests are awed by the historical 16th century B&B. In the afternoon, Simon and Shirley take their guests tap dancing and, in keeping with the five-star luxury, to a private fine-dining restaurant for dinner.

    Next morning, however, one of the guests reports her dissatisfaction with the layout of her bedroom... and the garnish on her breakfast eggs.

  • Episode 22 - Thornley House

    Cat-lover Eileen Finn welcomes guests to her four-star B&B in Allendale, Northumbria. But Eileen's beloved and very large Maine Coon cats are not to all of her guests' liking.

    Eileen's activity is a guided tour of her stunning grounds - including her very own pussycat cemetery - before the group is taken inside for a masterclass in the fine art of cat grooming. And at breakfast the guests get a little more than they bargained for with added extras in the form of cat hairs.

  • Episode 23 - Chy Conyn

    Jessica and Adrian Rashleigh hope the beautiful Cornish coastal surroundings will make up for the snugness of their three bed outfit in St Ives. Will their guests agree?

    For the activity, Jessica and Adrian take their guests on a magical mystery camper van tour of the local sights. At breakfast some of the guests struggle with the small breakfast room, but the food itself goes down quite well. And later, so do the men, as Eileen demonstrates her karate skills by flooring every one of them.

  • Episode 24 - The Cavendish

    The last to host are Tim and Karen in Bournemouth. Their guests are impressed with the 16-bed 'pink palace', and Eileen is delighted by the feline memorabilia left in her room as a special touch by her caring competitors. But will an activity of indoor paintballing go down so well?

  • Episode 25 - Payment Day

    It's payment day and Simon of Old Hall Country House is stunned by a generous overpayment, while Eileen from Thornley is on the receiving end of some harsh criticism and some even harsher payments. And a shock underpayment leaves Tim from The Cavendish in Bournemouth reeling.

    With some of the guests barely on speaking terms, Tim takes centre stage to announce the winner.

  • Episode 26 - Godshill Park Farm House

    Mark and Kathy start the competition at their grandiose Godshill Park Farmhouse on the Isle of Wight. Will their award-winning breakfast do the business for their guests?

    Their hosting skills immediately come into question as Kathy asks Kalpana and Joseph from The Address to remove their shoes because of the cream carpets.

    When the guests see their bedrooms, Ruth from Crake Trees Manor is perturbed to discover she's been given a four poster bed, while Teresa and Clive from the Butterfly Guest House are shocked to discover dust behind the bath taps.

    The day's activity is clay pigeon shooting. Welsh couple Teresa and Clive label the sport as posh, but that doesn't stop them wanting to win.

    Later Teresa breaks into song at the table. As they bed down for the night, Joseph is concerned that there should be more hangers available.

  • Episode 27 - Butterfly Guest House

    B&B beginners Teresa and Clive in Porthcawl, South Wales, face close scrutiny from their guests. Mark and Kathy find two hairs in the bathroom and Cumbrian farmers Ruth and Mike are shocked to discover there's no view of the sea from their window.

    The hosts take their guests cosmic bowling and throw a surprise karaoke in the evening, which proves a big hit.

  • Episode 28 - The Address

    The competition moves north to Blackpool and Kalpana and Joseph's The Address. Kalpana dresses the ladies in saris, but some of the guests are upset about seating arrangements at dinner.

    Cumbrian farmers Ruth and Mike aren't best pleased to get a view of a car park and a security light outside their window.

    And the group activity is a trip to The Pleasure Beach, where Teresa calls Mark and Kathy `a miserable couple'!

  • Episode 29 - Crake Trees Manor

    The group head to the Cumbrian hillsides to stay at Ruth and Mike's Crake Trees Manor, where the group activity is helping Mike and Ruth repair a dry stone wall!

    Teresa's looking forward to relaxing in this plush four-star gold B&B. But she and her husband Clive are in the Shepherd's Hut - a back-to-basics, outdoor accommodation without water, toilet or electricity. At check-out Teresa pulls no punches when describing her disappointing stay, leaving an offended Ruth to declare that she wouldn't be welcome back.

  • Episode 30 - Payment Day

    It's the final day of the competition and all the B&B hosts gather one last time to find out how much they've been paid and who will be named best value B&B of the week.

    Mark and Kathy of Godshill Park Farm House discover some heavy underpayments, and while relations between the group and Teresa and Clive are shattered, accusations of game-playing fly between all the contestants.

  • Episode 31 - Slimmeria

    First up this week is luxury weight-loss and detox retreat Slimmeria, owned by Galia and Michael Grainger.

    Health fanatic Galia's mission is to spread the Slimmeria message. But what do fun-loving Ann and Bill Clay from Bosvean House make of Galia's £260 price tag, rules and regulations, and 9pm curfew?

    Jan and William from St Giles are happy to comply, but Diane and Max from Ombersley Bed & Breakfast suspect they're in for an uncomfortable night ahead when they sample the bed.

    An afternoon work-out, Zumba-style, followed by a healthy meal and weight-loss lecture does little to get the party started.

  • Episode 32 - 38 St Giles

    Jan and William Cheeseman have achieved a Five-Star Gold rating at 38 St Giles in Norwich, but the pursuit of perfection has been known to take its toll on this volatile pair.

    Things are anything but perfect for Galia when she arrives. Unhappy with her room due to the road noise, she asks to be moved. Luckily a day on the race track gives Galia something to smile about as she has the ride of her life.

    At breakfast time, Jan and William go into meltdown in the kitchen. But at the breakfast table the guests are none the wiser.

  • Episode 33 - Bosvean House

    Fun-loving Ann and Bill host at their four-star B&B in Bude, North Cornwall.

    On arrival Galia immediately complains about the lack of sea view, while Diane and Max query the luxury description of the premises.

    There's an indulgent Cornish cream tea, a Cornish stick dance, a drink in Ann and Bill's garden shed, and `weekday caviar' for brekkie.

  • Episode 34 - Ombersley

    It's the last visit of the week. Hosts at Ombersley Bed & Breakfast are village bakers Diane and Max Seivewright.

    On arrival Ann and Bill conduct a dust hunt in their room. Jan and William are left speechless by the outdated rooms. And Galia finds the journey across the hall for conveniences somewhat inconvenient.

    Galia and Ann bicker over gluten-free bread and hand washing.

    Ann is underwhelmed by her eggs at breakfast and later she finds herself in tears.

  • Episode 35 - Payment Day

    It's the final day and the B&B hosts gather to find out how much they've been paid and who is taking the title of best value for money B&B.

    Galia faces some harsh feedback, but questions the criticism over Slimmeria's rules and regulations.

    Tensions rise again between Galia and Ann and Bill, while Diane and Max from Ombersley feel stabbed in the back - especially by Ann and Bill's feedback - and are looking for some answers.

    After a surprising round of payments, it's anyone's guess as to which B&B will win this week.

  • Episode 36 - Silverwood Lodge

    First to host are husband-and-wife team Paul Billington and Flora Loizou from Silverwood Lodge in Cambridgeshire, the only couple in this contest.

    As the hosts show their three female guests to their rooms, Caroline, owner of The Dean B&B, has a frosty view of the fact that they don't live on site.

    The hosts try to impress their guests by taking them punting down the Cam, but Sue from Seashells Guesthouse almost manages to capsize the group.

    Over dinner, straight-talking Nancy from The Old Court Guesthouse suggests that not living on site compromises the hosts' attention to customer needs.

    Come morning, Caroline has been kept awake all night by the noisy road and Nancy's TV 'doesn't work'. When the hosts read the frank feedback they are left livid and accusations of foul play fly.

  • Episode 37 - Seashells Guesthouse

    The group are off to Great Yarmouth to stay in Sue's dog friendly Seashells Guesthouse. After revealing that she allows dogs to sleep in the beds during the last B&B visit, no one knows quite what to expect.

    All the guests are blown away by the doggy-themed exterior. The interior is equally memorable for Nancy, who finds dog hairs under the duvet.

    Spirits are high during the afternoon as Sue gives her guests a taste of Great Yarmouth beachside fun, such as a horse and trap ride and a game of bingo.

    Over dinner, the jovial mood is crushed when Nancy brings up the issues of dogs sleeping in the beds and Sue allowing smoking in the bedrooms.

    Tempers are raised and accusations fly. At feedback time, Sue goes into a combative mood when she reads Nancy's frank comments.

  • Episode 38 - The Old Court Guesthouse

    Third host Nancy Hampson tries to put the problems of the first two visits behind her, but there's trouble from the off at The Old Court Guesthouse.

    Paul and Flora are unhappy with the size of the bed they've been given, so Nancy offers to move them, but the duo soon give their new room a microscopic inspection and discover a few B&B misdemeanours.

    Dog lover Sue checks into one of the converted prison cell rooms, but unfortunately she's claustrophobic and is left feeling caged.

    After showing them the best of what Bath has to offer with a historical tour and a dip in a thermal spa, Nancy takes her guests to a quirky restaurant.

    But the positive mood is short-lived because Nancy doesn't come off well when the guests get together to trial her breakfast. At feedback time, The Old Court gets the thumbs down, although Nancy is philosophical about it.

  • Episode 39 - The Dean

    The guests head to Scotland to stay with final host Caroline at The Dean B&B, a picturesque house with breath-taking views across the Firth of Forth.

    Determined to give her guests a bonnie day out, Caroline's opening gambit is a jig accompanied by a bagpiper, followed by a re-enactment of the Battle of Prestonpans in gale-force winds.

    The group don their glad rags for a posh dinner at one of Scotland's finest restaurants, although some feel their portions aren't nearly big enough.

    The guests' Highland dining experiences don't improve when it comes to breakfast at The Dean, which features uncooked eggs and mouldy jam.

    Caroline is reduced to tears reading her guests' comments on the feedback forms. Who will be feeling the emotion when it comes to payment time?

  • Episode 40 - Payment Day

    There are tensions, tempers and tears as the group reconvene for one last time to thrash out the feedback, reveal the payments and announce the winner in the competition to be named best value B&B of the week.

    Paul and Flora from Silverwood Lodge are fired up about Nancy's comments and a tussle over TVs and hot water leads to accusations of game playing.

    Sue from Seashells in Great Yarmouth also has an axe to grind with Nancy as the controversial topic of smoking in bedrooms leads to tension.

    After being confronted head on, it's Nancy's turn to get some answers about her feedback and she has a particular issue with Paul and Flora's mark for The Old Court Guesthouse's cleanliness.

    When final host Caroline dissects her feedback from Paul and Flora about a dirty kettle and a cobweb at The Dean B&B there are no hard feelings, leaving Nancy furious about their double standards.

    After a tense time around the table, everyone now has their payments and everything is in the open. But which will be crowned the best value B&B?

  • Episode 41 - Watersedge Guest House

    Traditional B&B owners Alan and Sylvie are first to host in their seafront establishment Watersedge Guest House in Barton on Sea, Hampshire.

    For the day's entertainment the group is taken to the New Forest for a spot of deer watching. But once the guests have spotted some, there's not much more to see.

    Come the evening, Alan and Sylvie are desperate to demonstrate that they know how to party, and they do exactly that with a bountiful Hawaiian barbeque.

    After a decent night's sleep - for everyone but Eva - it's all down to Watersedge's breakfast, which also includes parrots, poles and picky eating habits.

  • Episode 42 - Nearwater

    It's Tim and Amelia's turn to host the rival B&B owners at their non-star-rated boutique accommodation, Nearwater, on the south Cornish coast.

    For the afternoon entertainment, Tim and Amelia proffer wet suits for the guests, the sight of which sends Eva running for cover. Everyone else jumps on board a boat for some seal spotting. Unfortunately, the seals don't make an appearance, so Tim and Amelia lead a dive into the deep blue sea.

    Breakfast is served and there are a couple of mishaps that don't go unnoticed. Eva's order is taken incorrectly and Amelia drops an egg-soaked knife on Danny's brand new white jumper.

  • Episode 43 - Roundhouse Hotel

    It's the turn of Austrian-born Eva Buschmann to host in her cosmopolitan, boutique B&B on Weymouth seafront, Roundhouse Hotel.

    In the afternoon artist Eva shares her creative passion by giving her guests a lesson in abstract art.

    For Eva's evening she takes her guests to her favourite harbour-side restaurant where Sylvie airs her concerns about the positioning of the shower in her rooms, which she states will mean she will have to watch Alan washing his bits in the morning!

    At breakfast super cool Eva has everything under control so the guests concentrate on getting final hosts - Mike and Danny - hot under the collar instead.

  • Episode 44 - Homecliffe Hotel

    Showmen Mike and Danny host their rival B&B owners on day four at their four-star rated guest house - Homecliffe Hotel - in Blackpool.

    After everyone is settled in, Mike and Danny want to show their guests that Blackpool rocks. First up is a tram ride along the sea front and then onto the newly-opened Madame Tussauds.

    After a red carpet afternoon it's on to dinner at Mike's favourite restaurant - his own. Over dinner the cracks between the Homecliffe boys and Tim and Amelia really begin to show.

    In the morning there are reports from some guests of dodgy mattresses and a restless night's sleep. And breakfast isn't much more of a success, with Mike forced to send one of his staff to find some Earl Grey tea from another B&B for Amelia and Eva.

  • Episode 45 - Payment Day

    It's the final day and all the B&B hosts gather for one last time to find out how much they've been paid.

    Before they open their envelopes, Alan claims he has five new friends, but will he be saying the same thing when all the money is on the table?

    It falls to host Danny to announce the winners - and the couple who take the title do so amidst mutterings from the other hoteliers - but when all is said and done, only one establishment can take the title best value for money B&B. Who will it be?

  • Episode 46 - Centery Farm

    First to host are Steve and Beverly Green from Centery Farm in North Devon.

    Former hotel inspector Sandie decides, for now, to keep her past profession a closely guarded secret from the others.

    Busy businessman Stephen Hammonn from the Old Hall House at Heart of England B&B struggles to relax, while grandson and grandmother duo and owners of The Little Gloster B&B, Ben and Lilian say they could do with a stiff drink.

    With more sheep than people in Devon, Bev and Steve's afternoon herding activity seemed like a winner, but due to heavy rain and fog things get a bit murky, and the group resort to duck herding instead.

    Having spent a day in the rain, dinner comes as welcome relief.

  • Episode 47 - Little Gloster

    On the Isle of Wight owner and professional chef Ben Cooke shows his guests how to make gravlax and the vodka-based shot, Akavit.

    After being split in to two teams to cure their salmon, tensions soar and the competition heats up between Steve and Bev and Stephen from Old Hall House. The awkward relationship between the three is made worse over dinner when Bev's attempts to get to know Stephen better are met with a frosty response.

  • Episode 48 - Old Hall House

    It's the turn of Stephen to host at the four-star Old Hall House, where the on-site activities include shooting and archery.

    Stephen takes his guests to his own restaurant for an evening meal. The group feels they are starting to get to know Stephen, but the ultimate B&B bombshell is dropped by Sandie, who reveals her secret past as a hotel inspector.

    In his bid to impress, Stephen takes the unusual step of serving breakfast himself, but his skills as a waiter aren't quite up to scratch and orders are forgotten.

  • Episode 49 - The House of Agnes

    The final visit of the competition is to The House of Agnes in Canterbury, run by ex-hotel inspector Sandie. Could Sandie's former job backfire on her?

    Although based in the historical and cultural hotbed of Canterbury, Sandie opts for a more liquid based activity by taking her guests to a local brewery. The afternoon leaves businessman Stephen with a bitter taste in his mouth as he yearns for something of the bubbly variety.

    A fancy fish restaurant for dinner gets Sandie's guests bonding, but the conversation soon turns to the history of the House of Agnes and its friendly ghost. Some guests retire to bed feeling a little nervous...

  • Episode 50 - Payment Day

    It's the final day and all the B&B hosts gather for one last time to find out how much they've been paid. After the emotion, the wrangles and the payments, who will take the prize of the best value B&B? It falls to the ex-hotel inspector to award the prize.

  • Episode 51 - The Pavilion

    First up this time is The Pavilion a 'fashion and rock 'n' roll hotel' in London owned by former pop singer and Lamborghini lover, Danny Karne, aka 'Danny Lambo'.

    Danny's guests are wowed by the flashy sports car parked out the front and impressed by the colourful decor in the themed rooms, but some guests think they are all style, no substance.

    Petrol-head Danny leads the group to the London Motor Museum to show off his knowledge of cars. Dave from The New Inn B&B says he's happy with his van while Robert, owner of Westleigh Farm, admits to having no passion for cars.

    Over dinner at a Notting Hill restaurant, Danny tells stories of his pop career in Japan and his motoring exploits.

  • Episode 52 - The Fox and Duck

    At the Fox and Duck in Therfield, Hertfordshire, hosts John and Pat treat their guests to a lesson in pitch and putt.

    The group appear to bond with lots of cheeky banter, and later they end the night with a sing song. But next morning there's a shower disaster, followed by a tarot card reading.

  • Episode 53 - The New Inn

    At the the New Inn, in Newbridge-on-Wye, keen pig breeder Dave Lang takes his gets on a tour of a pig agility course. And for breakfast he serves some of his award-winning pork products.

  • Episode 54 - Westleigh Farm

    It's the final visit of the week and hosts Robert and Kerstin lay on a beekeeping lesson, snooker and some generous helpings for breakfast.

  • Episode 55 - Payment Day

    As the group meets for the last time, the payments are revealed and the winning B&B announced, but old tensions surface and there are heated exchanges around the table.

  • Episode 56 - Guest and the City

    Dan and Mardi Leonard host at their funky Brighton B&B, where their guests have mixed reactions to the contemporary decor and stained glass windows.

    Alan and Jane think the room isn't user friendly. Dubliner Phil , owner of the Farmer's Boy Inn, is confused by the `wacky' furniture. And the owners of the five-star Sentry Mead B&B, Sarah and Jean-Pierre, immediately pick up on the lack of a shower curtain.

    Dan and Mardi take their guests sea kayaking. Next morning at breakfast Jane and Phil end up with no sausages on their plates.

  • Episode 57 - The Farmer's Boy Inn

    At The Farmer's Boy Inn, Gloucestershire, proud owner and pie entrepreneur Phil Kiernan sets his guests a pie-making challenge.

    Alan and Jane take centre stage as their kitchen bickering entertains the group.

    Before breakfast the next morning the group work up an appetite on the bouncy castle.

  • Episode 58 - Geanna Hotel Boat

    Alan and Jane Asher from welcome aboard their first ever guests for a night on their brand-new purpose-built hotel boat.

    On arrival the guests enjoy the novelty factor, but Dan and Mardi think that space is too tight, while Jean-Pierre and Sarah are slightly concerned about privacy.

    The Geanna embarks on her maiden voyage up the Thames. The group pass by some hunks on the shore, sip champagne and get to know the ropes.

    At dinner the atmosphere is a little lacklustre.

    Next morning Jane and Alan bicker in the kitchen as they prepare their first ever breakfast on board.

  • Episode 59 - Sentry Mead

    The final hosts are B&B connoisseurs Sarah Langford and Jean-Pierre Kujawa, who serve a five-star dinner and breakfast at their B&B.

    Sarah and Jean-Pierre have been running Sentry Mead, their 11-bedroom, five-star silver B&B, for the past six years. Their guests arrive with high expectations, but Jane's high hopes are dashed by the mugs, while Dan and Mardi don't like their shower mat, and Phil's not keen on the towels.

  • Episode 60 - Payment Day

    It's the final day and the B&B hosts gather for one last time to find out how much they've been paid. Unfortunately, some of the hosts find their emotions running away with them.

Four in a Bed synopsis

B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

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