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B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

About the Show

B&B owners throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another - and pay what they consider fair for their stay

Series 2 Summary

Four sets of proud B&B owners compete to see which one provides the best value for money.

  • Episode 1 - Robertsbrook Guesthouse

    Claire Hilton is first to host, at Robertsbrook Guesthouse in Swanage. Claire's first guests Lynn Self and Ziggy Broome are dubious about the cleanliness of their bedroom.

  • Episode 2 - Eden Lodge

    Quirky couple Lynn Self and Ziggy Broome hope to impress with their two-star paradise Eden Lodge. But from the start the guests are wildly unimpressed by their surroundings.

  • Episode 3 - Dexby Townhouse

    Dexby Townhouse in Cardiff is in run by Charlotte Church's parents, James and Maria, who lay on a day of white-water rafting and a magic show for the evening.

  • Episode 4 - Muddifords Court Country House

    It is the last stay of the competition and the turn of newlyweds Pip Easby and Nicky Lesser-Easby, who run Muddifords Court Country House in Devon

  • Episode 5 - Payment Day

    There are tears, outrage and arguments as the group meet one last time to find out exactly how much they have been paid by their fellow hoteliers, and to air their grievances face to face.

  • Episode 6 - Gorse Meadow

    First to host this time is Mrs Tee in the New Forest. Mrs Tee's eccentric ways charm the guests on arrival. But not everyone's room is up to scratch.

  • Episode 7 - Castle Hill Guesthouse

    It's Alistair and Emma Mundell's turn to host in sleepy Lynton, North Devon, at their four-star Castle Hill Guesthouse, which only opened three months ago

  • Episode 8 - Vidella

    The competition heads north to Blackpool, where fun-loving pranksters John and Neil have hatched a plan to pay back Alistair for being a self-confessed Blackpool-hater

  • Episode 9 - Urban Beach

    For the final visit the group checks into Mark Crib's boutique B&B in Bournemouth. With top prices of £170 the chic rooms come with all mod cons and super deluxe bathrooms.

  • Episode 10 - Payment Day

    The hosts meet for one last time to find out what they've been paid and to thrash out their differences. And there's soon trouble as Mrs Tee and Alistair and Emma clash over their scores.

  • Episode 11 - Derwent House

    Jon Shorrock and his wife Julia run the four-star B&B Derwent House in West Sussex. They take the boys to the local shooting range and the girls for an afternoon at the local spa.

  • Episode 12 - Kirkby Park B&B

    The hosts are soul mates Peter and Sharron Sorsky, who share the warmth of their Liverpool home with the week's guests. They've got a trip to Knowsley Safari Park in store.

  • Episode 13 - Plas Dinas Country House

    It's Andy and Julian Banner-Price's turn to host the competition at their swanky Plas Dinas Country House in Snowdonia, where they've allocated their guests their priciest rooms.

  • Episode 14 - Hazelwood Farm

    The final B&B of the week is Annette McAnespie's Hazelwood Farm in Crake, Yorkshire. Hyperactive Annette has lined up her idea of fun for her guests: a cycling tour.

  • Episode 15 - Payment Day

    It's been a week of waterworks, tall tales and breakfast scrambles, but who is going to end up with the final prize? And with the competition over, will anyone want to see each other again?

  • Episode 16 - The PitStop

    Melvyn and Sindy start the latest competition at their B&B the Pitstop in Hertfordshire. But their guests are dubious about the satin sheets and the DIY breakfast.

  • Episode 17 - The Victory at Mersea

    Corporate couple Gill and Peter Tydie host at the Victory at Mersea, their four-star B&B in Essex, which features 26 staff to organise the bar, restaurant and accommodation.

  • Episode 18 - Butterfly Paragliding B&B

    It's Dave 'Butterfly' Botha's turn to host at his two-star establishment Butterfly Paragliding B&B on the Isle of Wight, where he opts for a BBQ dinner despite the freezing weather.

  • Episode 19 - Braddon Hall

    It's the turn of Deborah Morrison and Wayne Bingham to host at their B&B, Braddon Hall in Torquay, where a game of archery causes allegations of unfair play to fly.

  • Episode 20 - Payment Day

    The B&B owners gather one last time to find out how much they've been paid and reveal the winner. And Gill and Peter from the Victory bristle at the negative feedback and two underpayments.

  • Episode 21 - The Old Hall Country House

    Simon White and friend and neighbour Shirley Boyle are first to host at The Old Hall Country House in the picturesque village of Madeley in Cheshire

  • Episode 22 - Thornley House

    Cat-lover Eileen Finn welcomes guests to her four-star B&B in Allendale, Northumbria. But Eileen's beloved and very large Maine Coon cats are not to all of her guests' liking.

  • Episode 23 - Chy Conyn

    Jessica and Adrian Rashleigh hope the beautiful Cornish coastal surroundings will make up for the snugness of their three bed outfit in St Ives. Will their guests agree?

  • Episode 24 - The Cavendish

    The last to host are Tim and Karen in Bournemouth. The guests are impressed with the 16-bed 'pink palace', and Eileen is delighted by the feline memorabilia left in her room.

  • Episode 25 - Payment Day

    It's payment day and Simon of Old Hall Country House is stunned by a generous overpayment, while Eileen from Thornley is on the receiving end of some harsh criticism

  • Episode 26 - Godshill Park Farm House

    Mark and Kathy start the competition at their grandiose Godshill Park Farmhouse on the Isle of Wight. Will their award-winning breakfast do the business for their guests?

  • Episode 27 - Butterfly Guest House

    B&B beginners Teresa and Clive host in Porthcawl, South Wales. Mark and Kathy find hairs in the bathroom, but Joseph and Kalpana are satisfied to see the correct amount of hangers and matching spoons.

  • Episode 28 - The Address

    The competition moves to Blackpool, at Kalpana and Joseph's The Address. Kalpana dresses the ladies in saris, but some of the guests are upset about seating arrangements at dinner.

  • Episode 29 - Crake Trees Manor

    The group head to the Cumbrian hillsides to stay at Ruth and Mike's Crake Trees Manor where the group activity is helping Mike and Ruth repair a dry stone wall

  • Episode 30 - Payment Day

    It's the final day of the competition and all the B&B hosts gather one last time to find out how much they've been paid and who will be named best value B&B of the week.

  • Episode 31 - Slimmeria

    First up this week is luxury weight-loss and detox retreat Slimmeria, owned by Galia and Michael Grainger

  • Episode 32 - 38 St Giles

    Jan and William Cheeseman have achieved a Five-Star Gold rating at 38 St Giles in Norwich, but the pursuit of perfection has been known to take its toll on this volatile pair

  • Episode 33 - Bosvean House

    Fun-loving Ann and Bill host at their four-star B&B in Bude, North Cornwall with an indulgent Cornish cream tea, a Cornish stick dance and a drink in their garden shed

  • Episode 34 - Ombersley

    B&B owners compete to see which one provides the best value for money. Robertsbrook Guesthouse in Swanage, run by Claire Hilton, is the first to play host.

  • Episode 35 - Payment Day

    It's the final day and the B&B hosts gather to find out how much they've been paid and who is taking the title of best value for money B&B

  • Episode 36 - Silverwood Lodge

    First to host are husband-and-wife team Paul Billington and Flora Loizou from Silverwood Lodge in Cambridgeshire, the only couple in this contest.

  • Episode 37 - Seashells Guesthouse

    At Sue's canine friendly Seashells Guesthouse in Great Yarmouth, the controversial issues of allowing dogs to sleep in the beds and guests to smoke in the bedrooms cause tensions to rise

  • Episode 38 - The Old Court Guesthouse

    The converted prison cell rooms at The Old Court Guesthouse in Bath leave one claustrophobic guest feeling caged, so host Nancy organises a historical tour and a dip in a thermal spa.

  • Episode 39 - The Dean

    The Dean B&B in Scotland, with its two acres of gardens and breath-taking views across the Firth of Forth, wins everyone over, but a fine dining experience leaves some guests still hungry.

  • Episode 40 - Payment Day

    The hosts reconvene for one last time to thrash out the feedback, reveal the payments and find out which establishment has been crowned the best value B&B of the week

  • Episode 41 - Watersedge Guest House

    Among the activities planned by traditional B&B owners Alan and Sylvie of the Watersedge Guest House in Barton on Sea are a spot of deer watching in the New Forest and a Hawaiian barbeque

  • Episode 42 - Nearwater

    Tim and Amelia host the rival B&B owners at their non-star-rated boutique accommodation, Nearwater, on the south Cornish coast. They've got some seal spotting in store for their guests.

  • Episode 43 - Roundhouse Hotel

    Austrian-born Eva Buschmann hosts in her cosmopolitan, boutique B&B on Weymouth seafront, The Roundhouse Hotel. Artist Eva shares her passion by giving her guests a lesson in abstract art.

  • Episode 44 - Homecliffe Hotel

    Showmen Mike and Danny host their rival B&B owners at their four-star rated guest house - Homecliffe Hotel - in Blackpool. A tram ride along the sea front awaits their guests.

  • Episode 45 - Payment Day

    It's the final day and all the B&B hosts gather for one last time to find out how much they've been paid

  • Episode 46 - Centery Farm

    First to host are Steve and Beverly Green from Centery Farm in North Devon, whose sheep herding activity gets a bit murky, so the group resort to duck herding instead.

  • Episode 47 - Little Gloster

    The second visit is to The Little Gloster on the Isle of Wight, where owner professional chef Ben Cooke shows his guests how to make the gravlax and the vodka-based shot, Akavit.

  • Episode 48 - Old Hall House

    It's the turn of Stephen to host at the four-star Old Hall House, where the on-site activities include shooting and archery.

  • Episode 49 - The House of Agnes

    The final visit of the competition is to The House of Agnes in Canterbury, run by ex-hotel inspector Sandie. But could Sandie's former job backfire on her?

  • Episode 50 - Payment Day

    It's the final day and all the B&B hosts gather one last time to find out how much they've been paid. Only one establishment can take the title of best value for money B&B. Who will it be?

  • Episode 51 - The Pavilion

    First up this time is The Pavilion a 'fashion and rock 'n' roll hotel' in London owned by former pop singer and Lamborghini lover, Danny Karne, aka 'Danny Lambo'

  • Episode 52 - The Fox and Duck

    At the Fox and Duck in Therfield, Hertfordshire, John and Pat treat their guests to a lesson in pitch and putt. But in the morning there's a shower disaster, followed by a tarot card reading.

  • Episode 53 - The New Inn

    At the the New Inn, in Newbridge-on-Wye, keen pig breeder Dave Lang takes his gets on a tour of a pig agility course. And for breakfast he serves some of his award-winning pork products.

  • Episode 54 - Westleigh Farm

    It's the final visit of the week and hosts Robert and Kerstin lay on a beekeeping lesson, snooker and some generous helpings for breakfast.

  • Episode 55 - Payment Day

    As the group meets for the last time, the payments are revealed and the winning B&B announced, but old tensions surface and there are heated exchanges around the table.

  • Episode 56 - Guest and the City

    Dan and Mardi Leonard start a new week as hosts at their funky Brighton B&B, Guest and the City, where their guests have mixed reactions to the contemporary decor and stained glass windows.

  • Episode 57 - The Farmer's Boy Inn

    At the The Farmer's Boy Inn in Gloucestershire proud owner and pie entrepreneur Phil Kiernan sets his guests a pie-making challenge

  • Episode 58 - Geanna Hotel Boat

    Alan and Jane welcome aboard their first ever guests for a night on their brand-new purpose built hotel boat, and a champagne tour down the Thames.

  • Episode 59 - Sentry Mead

    The final hosts are B&B connoisseurs Sarah Langford and Jean-Pierre Kujawa, who serve a five star dinner and breakfast at their B&B, Sentry Mead.

  • Episode 60 - Payment Day

    It's the final day and the B&B hosts gather for one last time to find out how much they've been paid. Unfortunately, some of the hosts find their emotions running away with them.