Four in a Bed

    • Episode 1 - Penwinnick House

      Four more B&B owners go head to head. At Penwinnick House in St Austell, owner Tim Styles is judged by the toughest critics of all: his peers.

    • Episode 2 - Barton Gate Farm

      Four B&B owners do battle to be named best value for money. The second visit is to Devon and Barton Gate Farm, where harsh criticism has hosts, Julian and Paula Francis, up in arms.

    • Episode 3 - Hawthorn House

      Four proud B&B owners do battle to be named best value for money. As the guests head to Hawthorn House in Witney, host Alison Smallman has to deal with tensions in a fracturing group.

    • Episode 4 - The White Hart

      Four B&B owners do battle. The final visit is to Wells and The White Hart, owned by Tudor Hopkins. Despite pulling out all the stops not all the guests are won over.

    • Episode 5 - Payment Day

      Four proud B&B owners do battle. It's the last day of the competition and accusations fly as the payments are finally revealed and the winner is announced.

    • Episode 6 - The Five Bells

      The competition starts at The Five Bells near Dover, where Shelley Parnell and her mum Linda Yates realise being judged by their peers is tough but hope their bargain B&B will win the day.

    • Episode 7 - The Thomas Paine Hotel

      The second visit is to The Thomas Paine Hotel in Thetford, where experienced host Gez Chetal must face up to faults with his facilities, but he's left thinking not everyone's playing fair

    • Episode 8 - Rose and Crown

      The group head to the Rose and Crown in Tenbury Wells, run by Chris and Sarah Whitehead, who hope their industrial factory neighbour won't detract from the charms of their historic pub

    • Episode 9 - Woodlands Guest House

      The last B&B in the week's competition is Woodlands Guest House in Exmoor, owned by fitness fanatic Lesley Hawker and her husband Steve. But revenge is in the air for Shelley and Linda...

    • Episode 10 - Payment Day

      It's the last day of the competition and tensions run high as the payments are revealed and the winner announced. The group is close to breaking point as they battle through their issues.

    • Episode 16 - The Miners Arms

      Alison and Lynda hope their eco credentials will impress their guests at the Miners Arms at Nenthead in Cumbria, but not all of their guests are happy about their shared bathrooms

    • Episode 17 - The Rose and Crown

      Andrew and James hope to provide boutique on a budget at the Rose and Crown near Bolton, but they only have eight months of experience, and two guests are accused of attempted bribery...

    • Episode 18 - The Bingham Townhouse

      There are single bed grumbles and breakfast problems at Nigel and Pok U's B&B and Cantonese restaurant, the Bingham Townhouse in Nottinghamshire

    • Episode 19 - Float by Boat

      Kev and Tor run meditation and mindfulness breaks on their narrowboat near Rugby, but their guests aren't impressed by the communal living and diminutive facilities

    • Episode 20 - Payment Day

      There are accusations of tactics, polyester bedding feedback controversy, tension, tears and tough words as the B&B owners meet to find out what they've been paid.

    • Episode 21 - The White Lodge Hotel

      The competition starts in Filey, North Yorkshire, at The White Lodge Hotel, where hosts James and Kim Hodgson hope their love of luxury and high standards will win over their guests

    • Episode 22 - Crystals on The Prom

      The second visit is to Crystals on The Prom in Blackpool, where Amanda Lucia-Charley, joined by friend Alan Talbot, hopes her unique and theatrical design decisions will win the day

    • Episode 23 - The Red Lion Country Inn

      The week's third visit is to The Red Lion Country Inn in Upper Poppleton, North Yorkshire, where practical pair Mark and Jean Lee hope their plain and simple pub B&B will impress

    • Episode 24 - Camp Katur

      Finishing off the competition is glamping site Camp Katur in Kirklington, where Kerry Roy and Nicola Wilding hope to wow the guests with their unique 'geodomes' and see-through pods

    • Episode 25 - Payment Day

      It's the final day of the competition and the rival B&B owners are meeting for the last time. Crystals on the Prom is first up and hosts Amanda Lucia-Charley and Alan Talbot take a bashing.

    • Episode 26 - The Farmyard Inn

      The competition kicks off at The Farmyard Inn in The Peak District, where Susan Day and best friend Andrea Scott struggle to deal with their harsh feedback

    • Episode 27 - Stoneleigh B&B

      The second visit is to Stoneleigh B&B in Trowbridge, where ex teachers Meg and Andy's family home is put under the microscope, and things take a bitter turn at feedback

    • Episode 28 - The Falcon Hotel

      The guests head to The Falcon Hotel in Whittlesey, Peterborough. Hosts Colin and Michelle Wilson hope their no-frills pub will impress, but draw the battle lines when it comes to feedback.

    • Episode 29 - Grimscote Manor Hotel

      The guests head to Grimscote Manor Hotel in Birmingham, Gill Etheridge and Steve Cuddy, who aim for elegant sophistication but have to deal with tensions in a fracturing group

    • Episode 30 - Payment Day

      It's the payment day and accusations fly. There are storm outs, arguments and tension before the payments are revealed and the winner announced.

    • Episode 31 - The Cholmeley Arms

      Kicking off proceedings is The Cholmeley Arms in Lincolnshire, where John and Lesley Berry hope their country pub with rooms will impress, but come feedback, they are left wanting answers

    • Episode 32 - Islington Mill B&B

      The second visit is to the Islington Mill B&B in Salford, where hosts Joe Spencer and Louise Woodcock have a shock in store. And the menu-less vegan breakfast doesn't please all the guests.

    • Episode 33 - Pebbles B&B

      The third visit is to Pebbles B&B in Devon, the family home of Peter Morris. But not everyone likes the homely approach, and at feedback, Peter faces up to some home truths.

    • Episode 34 - Tarr Farr Inn

      The last visit of the week is to Tarr Farr Inn on Exmoor, where hosts Hilary Lester and Stacey Wade have to deal with tensions among their guests, one of whom is on the warpath

    • Episode 35 - Payment Day

      It's the last day of the competition and there's tension in the air. After some surprising payments, axes to grind, and plenty of friction, the winner is announced.

    • Episode 36 - Acqua Beach

      The first visit is to Acqua Beach in Weymouth, where Charlotte and Lucy hope their designer décor will impress

    • Episode 37 - Langmead Guest House

      The second visit is to Langmead Guest House in Ramsgate, where owners Derek and Lynne Love are all about keeping it simple. But Charlotte and Lucy are horrified to find moths in the bed.

    • Episode 38 - Big Green Bus

      The guests are challenged when they visit The Big Green Bus in Lewes, where they spend the night on a converted double decker, and simmering tensions leave a nasty taste at breakfast

    • Episode 39 - The Pheasant

      The last visit is to The Pheasant in Brill, where fur flies as host and chef Stephen Orr reveals he hasn't been entirely honest, and is left questioning if everyone has played fair

    • Episode 40 - Payment Day

      On the last day of the competition, tensions mount and grievances are aired before the winner is finally revealed. Can Stephen from The Pheasant explain his motives?

    • Episode 41 - Bridge Hotel

      The first visit is to the Bridge Hotel in Scunthorpe with new owners Martin and Hannah Weaver. There are cleanliness issues, a pet pig and some harsh scoring.

    • Episode 42 - Seashells

      The second visit is to Seashells B&B in Sutton-on-Sea, where owners Michelle and Rob Earp hope their simple B&B with an animal twist will win the day. But their feedback leaves them angry.

    • Episode 43 - The Crown

      The third visit of the week is to The Crown at Whitchurch in Herefordshire, where hosts Tom and Samara take their guests on an assault course which stirs up their competitiveness.

    • Episode 44 - New Court Hotel

      The final visit of the contest is to The New Court Hotel in Usk, where Clare and Fran host. There are peppery eggs, missing mushrooms, and accusations of tactical feedback.

    • Episode 45 - Payment Day

      The B&B owners meet to find out what they've been paid and to settle some scores after being offended by some of the feedback they've received

    • Episode 46 - The Admiral Hotel

      The competition kicks off at The Admiral Hotel in central London, where prices are high and a dinner conversation leads to accusations of sexism

    • Episode 47 - The Redstone

      The second visit of the week is to The Redstone in Blackpool. The mood quickly turns sour during an afternoon of cake decorating, and one of the guests doesn't turn up for breakfast.

    • Episode 48 - Ann's Farmhouse

      The competition continues at Ann's Farmhouse in Thornton, Yorkshire. Tensions among the group are never far from the surface, and come to a head during an egg and spoon race.

    • Episode 49 - The R Inn

      The final visit is to The R Inn in Desborough. Relationships within the group break down to such an extent that one of them refuses to stay overnight.

    • Episode 50 - Payment Day

      The competitors meet for the final time to find out who's won. Bones of contention include a missing biscuit, marks on a toilet seat and why one guest refused to stay the night...

    • Episode 51 - Stockton Mill

      The first visit of the week is to Stockton Mill B&B in Shropshire, where Stephen and Caroline Cox hope to provide a home from home. At breakfast, guest Kevin reveals his devious streak.

    • Episode 52 - Duxford Lodge

      The second visit is to Duxford Lodge in Cambridgeshire, run by ex-phone salesman Kevin Patel. Problems at breakfast time lead to some stiff criticism in the feedback.

    • Episode 53 - Riverside House

      The third visit is to The Riverside House Hotel in Mildenhall. Ged and Suzanne take their guests on a team-building exercise, on which Stacey and Gemma's competitive streak is revealed.

    • Episode 54 - The Gate Hangs High

      Last to host are Stacey Walsham and Gemma Dyche from The Gate Hangs High in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, where they hope their dog-friendly accommodation will go down a treat

    • Episode 55 - Payment Day

      The B&B owners gather for the last time to find out what they've been paid and to settle some scores. What will Kevin have to say about his graffiti?