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Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbut present the food and science series that travels the world to lift the lid on what's really in the food we eat

About the Show

Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbut present the food and science series that travels the world to lift the lid on what's really in the food we eat

  • Series 8 Episode 5

    Series 8 Episode 5

    Is coconut oil really healthier than other oils? Can absinthe lead to hallucinations and madness? And what do artichoke hearts have in common with strange African berries?

  • Series 8 Episode 4

    Series 8 Episode 4

    Jimmy joins the battle between the bell pepper and the Mediterranean fruit fly. Matt visits an amazing mobile leek factory. And how can you tell how much manuka is in your manuka honey?

  • Series 8 Episode 3

    Why does marmalade taste bitter when it's made of sugar and oranges? Which fish are fully sustainable? And are the British public up for goat meat?

  • Series 8 Episode 2

    Are crisp flavours made of real cheese and onion or cooked up in a lab? Matt investigates. Meanwhile, Kate learns the secrets of pepper, and Jimmy finds out about different types of yeast.

  • Series 8 Episode 1

    What exactly is processed meat, and is a fresh British banger healthier than a frankfurter? Jimmy investigates dates. And Matt meets a man who has 250 varieties of apple on his tree.

  • Series 7 Episode 4

    Series 7 Episode 4

    Why is almond butter more expensive than other nutty spreads? How is wine turned into fortified wine? And why does chopping onions make you cry?

  • Series 7 Episode 3

    Series 7 Episode 3

    Could bananas be used to fight viruses including HIV and influenza? Have Dutch scientists created a meat substitute that tastes of meat? And what are those green bits on crisps?

  • Series 7 Episode 2

    Series 7 Episode 2

    Are ready meals really twice as big as they were in the 1950s? How do green soy beans become creamy white tofu? And can artificially inseminating cows make milk easier to digest?

  • Series 7 Episode 1

    Series 7 Episode 1

    Matt makes a surprising discovery about haggis. Jimmy wants to know if you can put dishwasher salt on your chips. And why do chicks have their beaks trimmed?

  • Food Unwrapped

    Food Unwrapped

    Jimmy, Kate and Matt present some more of their favourite investigations. Is there a wasp in your fig? How do energy drinks give you a boost? Why can't you eat kidney beans raw?

  • Food Unwrapped

    Food Unwrapped

    The team present some favourite investigations. Kate finds out how cheap red wine is made, Jimmy investigates gluten, and Matt wants to know which part of the pig makes chewy sweets chewy.

  • Food Unwrapped

    Food Unwrapped

    The team present favourite investigations. What exactly is whitebait? Kate reveals the secrets of saffron fraud. The glacé cherry production process takes Matt's breath away, but not in a good way!

  • Food Unwrapped

    Food Unwrapped

    The team present some of their favourite investigations. What gives sourdough bread its twang? Why is rose oil considered liquid gold in Bulgaria? And Kate explores the power of beetroot.

  • Food Unwrapped

    Food Unwrapped

    Jimmy, Kate and Matt present some of their favourite investigations, including Greek yoghurt's potentially devastating by-product, as well as red Leicester cheese and ostrich meat

  • Food Unwrapped Diet Special

    Food Unwrapped Diet Special

    Can you still have treats when you're on a diet? This episode includes raw chocolate, and the possible holy grail of sugar-free baking. Can alcohol-free beer taste of beer? Plus: chilli, and cheese.

  • Food Unwrapped at Christmas

    Food Unwrapped at Christmas

    Jimmy, Kate and Matt check out budget smoked salmon and Irish cream liqueur, and ask why goose is pricier than turkey and what an almond shortage means for Christmas cake

  • Food Unwrapped

    Food Unwrapped

    The team present some favourite investigations. Does what our meat eats make a difference? Why are pine nuts so expensive? And why don't shop-bought pies spill their gravy?

  • Series 6 Episode 10

    The team look back at some favourite investigations. Why is that liquid in packets of mozzarella? Why do we import venison when there are so many British deer? Why shouldn't we eat raw bean sprouts?

  • Series 6 Episode 9

    Series 6 Episode 9

    Jimmy explores new ways to get crabs to come out of their shell. Kate finds out how to get children to eat their greens. And how are gummy sweets made? Matt investigates.

  • Series 6 Episode 8

    Series 6 Episode 8

    Do prunes really keep us regular? How much sugar is in cherry tomatoes, and are supermarkets labelling them correctly? And can a Dutch pioneer grow veg using sea water?

  • Series 6 Episode 7

    Series 6 Episode 7

    Kate discovers how scientists are using pineapple enzymes to help burns victims. How do the bubbles get into chocolate bars? And should we never eat mussels when there's an 'r' in the month?

  • Series 6 Episode 6

    Series 6 Episode 6

    Jimmy examines how far farmers go to produce perfect veg for supermarkets. In America, Kate discovers that wine's getting stronger. Matt finds out which biscuit's best for dunking.

  • Series 6 Episode 5

    Series 6 Episode 5

    Why do we have to pay for pistachios that we can't crack open and eat? Are traditional rolled oats better for us than quick-cook porridge? Plus: the trouble with draught Prosecco.

  • Series 6 Episode 4

    Series 6 Episode 4

    Jimmy investigates whether it's worth splashing out on expensive vodka, Kate finds out how coffee beans are turned into instant granules, and Matt checks out Wensleydale cheese

  • Series 6 Episode 3

    Series 6 Episode 3

    Jimmy heads to Spain to meet an entrepreneur farming blue fin tuna. Kate investigates why ice cream can go gritty, and Matt explores the difference between premium and budget peas.

  • Series 6 Episode 2

    Series 6 Episode 2

    Jimmy investigates the effects of vitamin D deficiency. Kate wants to know how supermarkets can sell wagyu beef, cheaply. And Matt heads to Switzerland to ask why there are holes in Swiss cheese.

  • Series 6 Episode 1

    Series 6 Episode 1

    Are alarming headlines about MSG justified? Jimmy visits a huge factory to find out. Kate investigates rumours that the Brazil nuts in UK supermarkets are all radioactive. Plus: elderflower cordial.

  • Food Unwrapped Diets for Summer

    Food Unwrapped Diets for Summer

    Jimmy, Kate and Matt reveal how food can help you get into great shape for summer. Do greens give you a golden glow? Are konjac noodles a dieter's dream? How can you get buff for the beach?

  • Food Unwrapped

    Food Unwrapped

    Jimmy, Kate and Matt revisit some of their most surprising food investigations. How fresh is supermarket fish? Is cheese always off-limits if you want to lose weight? And what's in olives?

  • Food Unwrapped

    Food Unwrapped

    Jimmy, Kate and Matt revisit missions from their casebook. Why is so much supermarket bacon Danish? Jimmy comes face to face with cheese mites. And are the banana's days numbered?

  • Series 5 Episode 11

    Series 5 Episode 11

    Jimmy investigates mineral water and whether tap water has really been through seven people, while Kate finds out what the vegetable is in vegetable oil

  • Series 5 Episode 10

    Series 5 Episode 10

    Jimmy investigates how good omega3 supplements are. Kate asks why Iberico ham is so expensive. Matt finds out what makes chocolate white.

  • Series 5 Episode 9

    Series 5 Episode 9

    Jimmy finds out what whitebait actually is and why it's not available in most supermarkets. Kate visits a cattle farm in America that supersizes cows and asks if what our meat eats matters.

  • Series 5 Episode 8

    Series 5 Episode 8

    What do Italians think of the extra-virgin olive oil sold in our supermarkets? Does drinking hot milk help you sleep? How wild is wild boar? And how much truffle is in truffle oil?

  • Series 5 Episode 7

    Series 5 Episode 7

    Jimmy learns about a potentially devastating Greek yoghurt by-product. Kate uncovers the secrets of saffron, and Matt finds out why you can't eat kidney beans raw.

  • Series 5 Episode 6

    Series 5 Episode 6

    Jimmy finds out why pine nuts are so expensive. Kate travels to the Amazon rainforest to discover what gives Red Leicester cheese its colour. And Matt reveals how glacé cherries are made.

  • Series 5 Episode 5

    Series 5 Episode 5

    Jimmy examines the impact 'healthy' snacks can have on children's teeth. Kate finds out what makes cheap wine taste good, and Matt asks why good garlic gives us bad breath.

  • Series 5 Episode 4

    Series 5 Episode 4

    Jimmy visits Bulgaria to find out why rose oil is considered liquid gold. Kate tackles pink pork; is it safe to eat? Matt gets the inside story on oven bags.

  • Series 5 Episode 3

    Series 5 Episode 3

    Why is halloumi cheese a subject of great debate? Is there a lethal poison lurking in apple cores? And what lives inside every sourdough loaf?

  • Series 5 Episode 2

    Series 5 Episode 2

    Are there wasps in fresh figs? Why is ostrich meat red? And Kate's mission to give up added sugar reveals some shocking truths.

  • Series 5 Episode 1

    Series 5 Episode 1

    Is there any goodness left in tinned tomatoes? What part of a pig makes sweets chewy? And how do prebiotics work?

  • Food Unwrapped Diet Special

    Food Unwrapped Diet Special

    Jimmy Doherty and the team uncover the truth about diet foods. Could green tea help knock off some pounds? Is soup the secret to losing weight? And can beetroot improve your physical performance?

  • Food Unwrapped's Christmas Dinner

    Food Unwrapped's Christmas Dinner

    Why is farmed salmon pink? Can you grow a chicken as big as a turkey? Is the gold in drinks real gold? Can you eat frankincense? How do they make wafer-thin after-dinner mints?

  • Series 4 Episode 6

    Jimmy wants to know what gives stout its smooth texture. Kate's on the trail of the ultimate superfood. And why is English mustard hot while the Dijon variety is relatively cool?

  • Series 4 Episode 5

    Matt wants to know how it's possible for British onions to be sold in supermarkets year-round. The answer lies not in our soil, but in an aircraft hangar. Plus: is pricey aged steak worth the wait?

  • Series 4 Episode 4

    Jimmy finds out how food producers are using seaweed to reduce their salt content. Jellied eel sales are booming, but where do the eels come from? And why does tonic water glow in UV light?

  • Series 4 Episode 3

    Jimmy Doherty explores how blood is becoming trendy in gastronomy, including blood meringues. Kate Quilton asks why Spanish melons are so juicy, and Matt Edwards finds out how rock is made.

  • Series 4 Episode 2

    Kate wants to know where liquorice comes from. She's not a fan, but will she be converted once she's seen the experts in Calabria, Italy turn bitter-tasting liquorice roots into sweet treats?

  • Series 4 Episode 1

    Jimmy wants to know why so much of the bacon in supermarkets comes from Denmark. Kate meets mozzarella makers in Italy. What is the liquid that mozzarella balls are bobbing in?

  • Food Unwrapped Easter Special

    Is dark chocolate good for you? Could daffodils help treat Alzheimer's disease? Jimmy, Kate and Matt uncover remarkable secrets about the nation's favourite springtime produce.

  • Food Unwrapped Special

    Jimmy Doherty, Matt Tebbutt and Kate Quilton take another look at some of their favourite food discoveries from Series 3 in this special episode.

  • Series 3 Episode 5

    Jimmy gives supermarket fish a sniff to discover how fresh the stock really is. Kate investigates how asparagus can be grown all year round in one of the driest places on earth - the Ica Valley, Peru.

  • Series 3 Episode 4

    Jimmy investigates whether manuka honey has any medicinal properties. Kate discovers why some varieties of caviar are so much cheaper than others. And Matt visits a Scottish distillery.

  • Series 3 Episode 3

    Kate visits France to find out if a glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away. Matt lifts the lid on skimmed milk. How do dairy farmers get exactly the right amount of fat in every pint of milk?

  • Series 3 Episode 2

    Jimmy Doherty finds out why Iceland supplies most of our cod. Kate Quilton investigates whether the banana's days are numbered. And Matt Tebbutt discovers why popcorn doesn't fill you up.

  • Series 3 Episode 1

    Jimmy discovers that there's more to traditionally-matured cheese than meets the eye, thanks to a microorganism that helps give the likes of pecorino their distinctive hard rinds

  • Food Unwrapped Diet Special

    A huge range of diet products and plans are available, from fasting to detoxing and cutting out certain foods. Jimmy, Kate and Matt want to know which ones actually work.

  • Food Unwrapped's Christmas Dinner

    Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbut uncover the secrets behind our festive food. Do the bubbles in Champagne really make it go to your head faster? And why do children hate sprouts?

  • Food Unwrapped Special

    Jimmy Doherty, Matt Tebbutt and Kate Quilton answer more viewers' questions. Jimmy heads to Brazil to put stock cubes in the spotlight. How can something so small taste so beefy?

  • Food Unwrapped Special

    In this special episode Jimmy Doherty, Matt Tebbutt and Kate Quilton test some of the food techniques they've discovered during the series, to answer viewers' questions

  • Series 2 Episode 8

    Are fresh sardines better for us than tinned sardines? How much is known about the ducks we consume? And, when it comes to pasta, is fresh best?

  • Series 2 Episode 7

    Does a happy chicken lay a tastier egg? How do the supermarkets get avocados 'ripe and ready'? And why does one type of balsamic vinegar cost 100 times more than another?

  • Series 2 Episode 6

    Can hot chillies injure you? What's the difference between outdoor-bred and outdoor-reared pork? And what's bugging Jimmy about red food dye?

  • Series 2 Episode 5

    How is caffeine removed from coffee? What puts the chew into chewing gum? How are the calories counted in diet bread?

  • Series 2 Episode 4

    Jimmy, Kate and Matt ask how much cow is in a beef stock cube, how cornflakes are made, and what exactly processed cheese is

  • Series 2 Episode 3

    The team ask: Why are cashew nuts never on the supermarket shelf in their shells? What exactly is scampi? Does expensive salt taste different to cheap salt?

  • Series 2 Episode 2

    Jimmy Doherty asks: what exactly is in a Doner kebab? Kate Quilton finds out the safest way of eating oysters. And Matt Tebbutt learns about the amazing ingredient in every bottle of gin.

  • Series 2 Episode 1

    The team ask: is mouldy bread safe to eat? Kate's on the trail of the chicken that goes into a Kiev.

  • Series 1 Episode 8

    Series 1 Episode 8

    The food enthusiasts discover how much cream is in ice cream, and find out how to smoke cheese, sausages and crisps with liquid smoke

  • Series 1 Episode 7

    Series 1 Episode 7

    Kate travels from Essex to Holland to try and find out how sandwich manufacturers stop our packet tomato sarnies from going soggy

  • Series 1 Episode 6

    Series 1 Episode 6

    Kate Quilton heads to Spain to find out how pure squeezed, not-from-concentrate orange juice is really made, and how fresh it is

  • Series 1 Episode 5

    Series 1 Episode 5

    The team head to Thailand to find out what seafood goes into seafood sticks, and discover how some British wine is really made... in Spain

  • Series 1 Episode 4

    Series 1 Episode 4

    The fourth episode of Food Unwrapped explores the difference between green and black olives, and why not everything that goes into beer processing is listed in the ingredients

  • Series 1 Episode 3

    Series 1 Episode 3

    Kate investigates how prawns are intensively farmed and Matt discovers why there are often so few wild mushrooms in our wild mushroom soups

  • Series 1 Episode 2

    Series 1 Episode 2

    Kate and Matt investigate the wax on our lemons in Spain and Thailand, and Matt gets the real story behind formed ham here in the UK.

  • Series 1 Episode 1

    Series 1 Episode 1

    Kate Quilton travels to Swaziland to find out how they get tinned grapefruit so perfect, and, in Finland, Matt Tebbutt discovers exactly what the bacteria are in Probiotics.