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A new generation of farmers is breathing life into the agricultural world, balancing hard work with finding time for love, laughter and partying

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A new generation of farmers is breathing life into the agricultural world, balancing hard work with finding time for love, laughter and partying

Series 2 Summary

The second series meets 12 young farmers from across Britain, who are all balancing farmyard responsibilities with the life of an average fun-loving twenty-something.

  • First Time Farmers

    Episode 1

    Twenty-three-year-old dairy farmer and student Kate from Herefordshire is a blonde bombshell. She doesn't look like a stereotypical farmer but she loves cows.

    In between student life, partying and mixing with boys, she's up early for milking duties on the farm, helping to deliver calves and even rearing some of them in her back garden for a uni project.

    Returning from the first series is 23-year-old Robbie, who's now selling rare-breed pork from his mum's farm.

    To increase business he heads to the local county fair but gives a disastrous first cooking demonstration and goes up against his friend, 26-year-old dairy farmer James.

    They're both running meat stalls, but one needs his bacon saving more than the other!

  • First Time Farmers

    Episode 2

    London's calling as Robbie and his country mates Tom and Will head for the bright lights and ringside seats at a boxing match to cheer on their fellow young farmer 'Count Smackula'. The capital's buzz is bewildering for Tom and Will.

    Meanwhile, Tom's mate Ed, who was working in the capital, has returned to the countryside. He's desperate to take over the family farm with his girlfriend Tash, and he's out to impress his dad at harvest time.

    With no room for romance on the dairy farm, Kate leaves her beloved calves at home and heads for some social time at college. But her mum, Lesley, discovers that the calves are ill. Kate rushes home to care for them but can she nurse them all back to health?

    And, back at work on the farm, with a beast of a hangover, Robbie has bad news from the accountant for his mum Sue.

  • First Time Farmers

    Episode 3

    Tragedy strikes for 21-year-old Rhi when she's left in charge of her dad's valuable cattle. No sooner has he left for his holiday than the cows take a turn for the worse.

    It's a mystery that Rhi battles to solve in the first big test of her bid to run the farm.

    Meanwhile, James's fruit juice business starts booming and he's faced with a tough choice: to follow his lifelong love of dairy farming, or to join his brother Rich in their quest to build a big-time business.

    Will, who's fond of a good time and nice clothes, has already shifted his focus from farming to an estate agency, but when his dad goes on holiday he's left to run the family farm with a stern warning from his mum: do not party!

    However, the inevitable party precedes the equally inevitable hangover and Will struggles to keep his promised list of jobs in order.

  • First Time Farmers

    Episode 4

    Rhi has to tell her dad that four of his cows suffered from magnesium deficiency while he was away and couldn't be saved. Her grandparents reassure him about how hard Rhi fought to look after them. How will it affect her dream of taking on responsibility for the farm?

    After chatting with his girlfriend Tash, Ed feels like he needs to face up to his dad about taking over the family farm and finding a dream home of their own. So he attempts to impress everyone by buying a flock of ducks to fatten up and sell.

    And a toga party pulls in young farmers from miles around, including Tom, Robbie and most of Tom's mates. Tom wants to take on more responsibility on his dad's farm but can he take responsibility for the harvest after a big night out?

  • first_time_farmers_will_ep6

    Episode 5

    The deadly Bovine TB hits the young farmers' herds with a vengeance, and first to feel the full force of the disease is 24-year-old Charlie. The brutal virus is wrecking his investment in cattle, and now that the entire herd is quarantined, his livelihood is under threat.

    Robbie's herd is smaller but just as vulnerable and is also quarantined. Robbie's built-up a side-line in farm-reared pork, and turns to selling piglets to keep the cash flowing, but will it be enough?

    Charlie's mate Ollie has branched out into agricultural construction to make ends meet. While helping his dad with the family farm, he cleans out the cowshed and plays host to the annual National Federation of Young Farmers party.

  • First Time Farmers

    Episode 6

    In this edition Charlie battles bovine TB, only to be delivered another devastating blow when his potato crop shows signs of blight and needs to be bagged up and sent to market immediately.

    Ally is a young arable farmer trying to keep his head above water - almost literally. Lakes of rainwater where his crops should be look ominously like the disaster that struck him and his dad the previous year - will they be able to keep the farm afloat?

    Will and Calum from Gloucestershire are on a mission to get Britain eating wild food with a new business idea. They do a deal with a local gastro pub to get grouse from Yorkshire on the first day of the shooting season, but, like the challenges facing Charlie and Ally, it turns into a race against time...

  • First Time Farmers

    Episode 7

    Now that he's in charge of the farm's finances, Robbie auctions off his mum's troublesome cattle. It's upsetting for Sue as she sees her favourite calf hauled away, but Robbie's business strategy seems to make sense in the light of bovine TB.

    Meanwhile, Charlie has no intention of giving in to the disease and the vet finally declares his herd clear.

    Budding estate agent Will returns to the fields to help his friend Tom bring in the harvest, and his grandad's ancient tractor proves it's up to the job alongside Tom's high-tech combine.

    Working on his dad's dairy farm, Ollie puts his construction business on hold to meet up with cow-crazy Kate and discuss their future in the farming business.

    Spurred on by news that his dad has offered him an orchard to manage, Ed finally moves into a new house with his delighted girlfriend Tash, and Ed, Robbie, Will and Tom celebrate their first year of farming with some competitive clay pigeon shooting.

First Time Farmers synopsis

A new generation of farmers is breathing life into the agricultural world, balancing hard work with finding time for love, laughter and partying

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