Series 1 Episode 5
First Broadcast: 8PM Fri 8 February 2013

Twenty-five-year-old Henry has returned to work on the family arable farm with his dad after studying at college. Henry is in line to be the fifth generation of his family to take over the farm.

He and his dad are a close team, but whereas the farm always comes first for Henry's dad, Henry puts raves and parties higher on his priority list than his dad would like.

Eighteen-year-old pedigree pig farmer Hayley from Dorset has won numerous awards for her champion pigs.

She's been looking after pigs since she was a toddler; she has pig breeding in her blood, and even competes against her dad for the coveted Pig of the Year championship.

And 24-year-old Rob from Wiltshire is a self-employed shepherd. He's determined to make a career out of sheep farming although he comes from a non-farming family.

His goal is to make enough money from one season's sheep shearing to buy his own flock.

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      Hayley and her dad compete at the Royal Bath and West Show Watch First Time Farmers Series 1 Episode 5
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      Kate and her companion find common ground
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      A look into the lifestyle of next generation farmers
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      Robbie and the boys show off their dance moves in London
    4. S2-Ep2: Sheep Buying This video is a intro S2-Ep2: Sheep Buying Video duration: 1:56 minutes

      Robbie has £5000 to spend on lambs to fatten up over winter
      • WARNING Strong Language
    5. S2-Ep3: Rhi This video is a intro S2-Ep3: Rhi Video duration: 1:57 minutes

      As a female farmer, Rhi in Shropshire is bucking the trend
    6. S1-Ep4: Toga Party This video is a intro S1-Ep4: Toga Party Video duration: 3:58 minutes

      Its party time for the young farmers as they head to a toga party
    7. S2-Ep5: Cattle Devastation This video is a clip S2-Ep5: Cattle Devastation Video duration: 1:47 minutes

      Robbie on the effect the deadly Bovine TB has had on his family
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      Young dairy farmers Ollie and Will prepare for their protest
    9. S2-Ep6: Into the Wild This video is a intro S2-Ep6: Into the Wild Video duration: 1:51 minutes

      Will and Calum are on the hunt for pigeons
    10. S2-Ep6: Rush Against Time This video is a clip S2-Ep6: Rush Against Time Video duration: 1:16 minutes

      Will Charlie be able to get his potatoes out of the field in time?
    11. S2-Ep7: Flying Farmer This video is a intro S2-Ep7: Flying Farmer Video duration: 2:05 minutes

      A view of Herefordshire fields through Robbie's eyes

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