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One small island off the west coast of Ireland. Three priests. One housekeeper. A bunch of nuns - and the most consistently awful weather on the planet. Welcome to the world of Father Ted!

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One small island off the west coast of Ireland. Three priests. One housekeeper. A bunch of nuns - and the most consistently awful weather on the planet. Welcome to the world of Father Ted!

Series 1 Summary

In a small parochial house on a tiny outcrop of rock somewhere off the west coast of Ireland, three priests and a housekeeper are locked in an endless series of philosophical debates. Catholicism or cake? Religion or rollerblading? Tiny cows or big cows that are far away?

Welcome to the confusing, and confused, world of Father Ted.

  • Episode 1 - Good Luck, Father Ted

    Fame beckons for Father Ted after Terry MacNamee from Faith of Our Fathers phones up to interview Ted for 'The Television'.

    Unfortunately, the filming at the local beauty spot coincides with the arrival of Funland on Craggy Island. Ted's carefully laid plans are ruined because the temptations of Spider Baby, The Tunnel of Goats, and The Spinning Cat prove irresistible to Dougal, who is distracted from his assigned duty: restraining the virtually feral Father Jack.

    After a trip to a tarot reader fails to convince Dougal to go home, Ted finds himself hoist by his own petard; stuck up The Crane of Death with Jack while Terry MacNamee interviews Dougal about his beliefs. Regrettably, it soon transpires Dougal doesn't really have any strong religious opinions at all...

  • Episode 2 - Entertaining Father Stone

    Life is always dull on Craggy Island, but this week it gets even duller when Father Paul Stone comes to visit. Six years he's been coming to holiday with Ted, but the six years of protracted silences and stilted conversation have taken their toll on his reluctant hosts.

    They try every trick in the book to get rid of Father Stone, but his lack of personality sucks the life out of all their bright schemes. Eventually, Ted takes drastic action and prays for help.

    However, God moves in mysterious ways. After finding Ted and Dougal hiding out on the Craggy Island mini-golf course during a storm, Father Stone gets hit by lightening. This leaves a guilt-ridden Ted prepared to offer anything to bring him back from the brink of death...

  • Episode 3 - The Passion of St Tibulus

    After a night gossiping with Father Hernandez over the longest game of Cluedo in history, Ted and Dougal find themselves bullied into being moral crusaders by Bishop Brennan, with disastrous results.

    His Holiness has banned the blasphemous nudie film The Passion of Saint Tibulus, but due to a legal loophole Craggy Island is the only place in the Catholic world that can show the film. The Bishop now wants Ted to launch a public protest that will make the Church's disapproval crystal clear.

    After a research trip, Dougal is confused by what St Tibulus was doing with that man's banana, but not as confused as Bishop Brennan when he realises Ted's protest has given the film a massive publicity boost...

  • Episode 4 - Competition Time

    Ted's plan to win the All Priest Stars in Their Eyes look-alike competition (and take a precious fiver off Father Dick Byrne in the process) gets off to a bad start when both Dougal and Jack steal his idea and also dress as Elvis.

    Ted's hopes of victory rest on impressing this year's judge and host of the popular Morning Quiz show, Henry Sellers. Plying him with tea and sandwiches seems to be the obvious trick, until exposure to Mrs Doyle's sherry leads Sellers to reveal exactly why he was sacked from the BBC...

    Having rescued the now feral Henry from running wild across the island, the competition is back on. It culminates in a head-to-head clash between Diana Ross (plus two Supremes) and The Three Ages of Elvis, featuring Jack as the bloated, cheeseburger-eating King.

  • Episode 5 - And God Created Woman

    Temptation comes to Craggy Island in the shapely form of womankind, as Ted struggles with the twin temptations of satisfying a horde of nuns slathering over his latest Mass and indulging his own passion for Polly Clarke, his favourite writer and author of bonkbuster 'Bejewelled with Kisses'.

    As it turns out, Polly is using Craggy Island as place to get her head together after the break-up of her marriage. Much to Mrs Doyle's disgust, she spends the night at the Parochial House, and her womanly wiles beguile Ted - who completely gets the wrong end of the stick.

    Confusing their literary conversations with a come-on, he cuts short his famous Mass and heads to Polly's cottage for a romantic dinner a-deux. As it turns out, Polly's actually invited him to her housewarming, along with Dougal, Jack and a gaggle of nuns severely disappointed with a certain Father Curley.

  • Episode 6 - Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest

    Sister Mulligan's visit to Craggy Island ends in dramatic style after Father Jack drinks a bottle of floor polish. And dies.

    With Jack's friends flocking to the island for the wake, Ted and Dougal find their grief tempered by the knowledge that he's left them half a million pounds! There is, however, a catch: to get their hands on the cash they must first spend the night in a vigil over Jack's body.

    A period of quiet reflection quickly descends into utter boredom, and then a game of charades. This ends abruptly when Jack rises from the dead to scare the bejaysus out of them. (It seems the floor polish brought about all the symptoms of death, but not actually death itself.)

    The money's gone but at least Jack's back. Which is a silver lining. Of sorts...

  • Father Ted

    Episode 7 - A Christmassy Ted

    Christmas is two days away and all the lights are on - but nobody's at home in Dougal's head. He's desperate to find out what's behind the next window in the Advent Calendar - will it be a load of people in a stable, or Ruud Gullit sitting on a shed?

    While Dougal is getting over-excited, Ted is brooding on yet another year stuck on Craggy Island without achieving anything. Still, at least he can look forward to a nice quiet Christmas with no unusual incidents or strange people turning up...

Father Ted synopsis

One small island off the west coast of Ireland. Three priests. One housekeeper. A bunch of nuns - and the most consistently awful weather on the planet. Welcome to the world of Father Ted!

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