Fatal Flight 447: Chaos in the Cockpit

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Air France Flight 447 crashes in the Atlantic Ocean

The loss of Air France Flight 447 is one of the biggest aviation mysteries of all time. On 31 May 2009, 228 passengers and crew boarded Flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, but within hours they would all be dead.

On board were passengers from 32 different countries, including five Britons as well as eight children. One of them was an 11-year-old boy travelling alone back to school in England.

It has remained a mystery how the Airbus 330, one of the world's most technologically advanced planes, just dropped out of the sky and plummeted into the ocean, killing all on board.

Two years after the accident, following a painstaking search, the plane's black box recorders were found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Miraculously, they had remained intact, preserving an extraordinary record of the conversations that took place between the pilots as a routine flight turned into disaster.

For the first time on television, this remarkable documentary reveals what really happened on board the doomed airliner.

On the day, Captain Mark Dubois and his co-pilots David Robert and Pierre Bonin were flying a state-of-the-art plane with built-in safety features and a computer system so highly automated some claim it could almost fly itself.

This documentary captures their shock and disbelief in a second-by-second account and reveals what happened in the cockpit during their final minutes as they struggled to understand the catastrophe unfolding before them.

Based around the black box recordings, Fatal Flight 447: Chaos in the Cockpit speaks to aviation experts, industry insiders and bereaved relatives to unlock the truth about one of the most infamous flights in aviation history, while asking what lessons have been learnt from the disaster.

Fatal Flight 447: Chaos in the Cockpit synopsis

What happened in the cockpit of Air France Flight 447 during one of the most infamous flights in aviation history?

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