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Shania Andrews (Lenora Crichlow) is a talented runner from a London council estate, who trains on a run-down local track; the equally talented Lisa Temple (Lily James) comes from a far wealthier background and her father (Rupert Graves) is also a politically connected Olympic medal-winner.

And when the two women meet on the track, it's enmity at first sight.

But, when both are chosen to be part of the GB 4x100m squad, under coach Tommy (Clarke), for the upcoming World Championships, they must overcome their hostility for the good of the nation's sporting expectations...

Also starring Lashana Lynch and Lorraine Burroughs as Shania and Lisa's teammates.

The cast give energetic, convincing performances both on and off the track, and the sassy script keeps the one-liners coming.

(2012) Cert: 12