Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 7AM Fri 26 December 2008

Featuring the voices of Lenny Henry as Fred, the feline singing sensation, and Tom Courtenay as Kenneth, his guinea pig manager and mentor.

Although Fred's owners believe him to be the laziest cat in the world, it is only after he has passed away that they stumble upon the truth about his secret life when the children overhear Kenneth and next door's cat Ginger reminiscing about their late lamented friend - a fighter, friend, lover and international rock'n'roll star.

Fred's meteoric rise shot him into the lap of Las Vegas luxury, where he hobnobbed with the stars and feasted on cream and caviar until the high-rolling lifestyle took its inevitable toll.

But, blessed as he should be with nine lives, is this really the end of the road for the touring superstar, or just another shaggy-dog tale in Fred's colourful life?

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A Christmas animation from the makers of The Snowman. This is the enchanting story of Fred - a family moggy by day, an amazing feline superstar by night.