Series 1 Episode 4
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Fran is happily preparing a meal and goes to the cellar for a bottle of wine when she hears the front door open. Expecting to see Becky, she is horrified to see Jake's shadow appear on the wall, and then Jake himself. The encounter is highly charged.

Christmas comes and it is arranged that Fran should spend it with Delia and her husband, the kindly Buffy. Buffy notices that Fran is troubled and while the others are out he recommends a doctor to her. She wants to return to her own home and arranges for Tom to take her back to London. Once in the car, Fran discovers that Tom has had an awful Christmas and she becomes a shoulder for him to cry on. Fran offers Tom the spare room for the night.

Their return to London is marked by mutual support. Fran goes to see Buffy's recommended doctor, and receives a surprise invitation to visit a friend in Pakistan. With her new spirit and determination to sort out her troubles, she decides to invite Tom to become her lodger and, when Jake's boat returns to its former mooring, to confront Jake herself.

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Award-winning Claire Bloom stars in this adaptation of Nina Bawden's novel, which takes an ironic look at family relationships and money, subtly laced with a sense of menace